• I really want to see them get all the basics right. The biggest thing for me whenever I need to fly VA is the schmozzle that is dropping off your bag. During peak times you can spend up to 30 minutes standing in line to drop off that single bag if you don't have gold to access the premium lanes. ...

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  • Now that international flights are steadily coming back, has anyone had any experience with this service recently? Will be transiting from T3 to T1 in a weeks time, and am hoping the 2.5 hours on the ground will be enough.

  • Requesting Business Upgrade

    Oct 01, 2020, 12:34 PM

    Hi All,I'm just a tad confused by something that's happening with Qantas' upgrade situation.Our flight got upgraded from a Dash-8 to a 737 last night, so we were about to put in the upgrade request. Tried to do so, and it comes up with the error of "Not enough points -Top-up points" (See attached...

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