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Hi All,

I'm just a tad confused by something that's happening with Qantas' upgrade situation.

Our flight got upgraded from a Dash-8 to a 737 last night, so we were about to put in the upgrade request. Tried to do so, and it comes up with the error of "Not enough points -Top-up points" (See attached image). despite there being 350k points in my account, and only needing 43,600 for the upgrade.

Tried to call Qantas, but there's a good 1 hour wait, and they seem to have turned off the call back feature for us lowly Silvers.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? Using the KVS tool, there's at least 3 upgradable seats in J, and just a regular Qantas search shows the points tickets available.

Chris C.

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You'll need to call Qantas and request your upgrade, if the website isn't playing ball. Normally you could request the same via SMS, but they've recently disabled that.


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I had the same situation last week and had to contact Qantas. We used a credit for the flights and apparently the system was trying to issue us the tickets for the cancelled flights again as it had the same booking number so was going nowhere. You may also see when you go to the booking on the web site that above the flight summary - where you can click to cancel/ voucher etc - it says still processing when you hover over it.

Took them a few hours to rectify as the invoice for the additional amount paid above the redeemed credit didn't come through until after it was.

Needless to say by the time it was sorted it was too late to be awarded the upgrade as there were no more immediately available.


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Just had the same issue also, on a new flight booking. Had to call, wait an hour on the phone and they did it over the phone successfully. Although having done this, my upgrade is still only "requested", despite there being Business Classic Rewards available on my flight. This would normally mean the upgrade is Successful right away for a domestic booking, so it seems there are some system issues at the moment.

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