Sydney Airport - Qantas Airside Transfer Bus

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With the Trans-tasman bubble about to go live and the first time "mass" international travel is due to take place - is the Qantas Transfer bus operating and open?

I've checked Qantas website but not sure if it's up to date or not?

Transferring from T2 and T3 (domestic airports) to T1 (international airport)

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The train would likely be much much faster, given it goes every 5-10 mins. There will be little point in running a frequent bus transfer service just for the few transferring NZ passengers.


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Mind you the complimentary Sydney Airport terminal bus has also been suspended and am not sure if that’s going to be reinstated even though it would cater to passagens of all airlines and of course non-passengers also who may need to go from one terminal to the other.


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get a cab for a few dollars.


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Originally Posted by tripleplatinum2

Originally Posted by abudhabi1

get a cab for a few dollars.

Yeah Im sure the driver will love you after waiting over 1.5 hours for a $10 fare.

It’s closer to $25 but yup they don’t like it that’s for sure.

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