• Feb 10, 2021, 07:04 PM

    This thread ignores the availability of almost new 787s being available from lessors and failed airlines. Think Norwegian as one source and there are many others. QANTAS do buy used planes - e.g. the 767s from BA.  And Boeing have a number of "white tails".

  • Perhaps they could also use Port Arthur and Norfolk Island. Perhaps I shouldn't give the government ideas !!

  • I think 5 years is optimistic.  First thing Bain will do, as all other Venture investors do, is to turn their investment into a secured loan from V2 so they are top of the list if (when) V2 folds.  They will then "cherry pick" those routes that are or can be profitable such as the golde...

  • I read all these posts about VA2. The tone seems to be that Bain should enhance or add frequent flyer benefits. Virgin managed to rack up $7 BILLION in debts, how much a year is that. VA2 will be a smaller domestic airline with fewer planes and thus reduced frequency. QATAR have converted a n...

  • I just can't see how a "full service" V2 will fare any better than Ansett or VA or an LCC V2 survive against Jetstar.

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  • COVID-19 vaccine - paid options

    Jan 25, 2021, 05:15 PM

    In the UK they also report "excess deaths" - the number of deaths above an average of the last 5 years. And that figure is above the numbers quoted as due to COVID-19. I don't think any other country does, but that would indicate under rather than over reporting.

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