• I never had a problem with upgrades as Platinum. Usually it was PE to J. As gold, much more hit-and-miss. Still more hit than miss!I agree that mid week works best. 380s seem easier than 787. No experience with 330 (international) but 330 domestic a few successes.

  • Just hope it's a hell of a lot quieter than the current 777.

  • I am not a regular at Hiltons, however a few years ago I stayed at a Hilton (I assume there is more than one) in Washington DC. Bloody awful. The staff kept apologising for what was wrong. (Nice touch, but didnt help the overall stay!)The Palmer in Chicago was the opposite (also 3x the cost!)

  • Rental Car Toll Fees

    Dec 19, 2018, 11:14 PM

    I have rented through Enterprise and had the toll plus fee charged. Last time I got a weekend pass. Yet to see if it works...

  • I do wish they'd been around a few years ago. Living in Calgary (for my sins) westjet PE yyc to hnl then pe to Australia would have been faster and more cost efficient than via dfw or lax....