• I disagree, they manage to do it just fine in the London QF lounge, with a special menu available if you flash your First Class/ P1 boarding pass. Even in this lounge if it just enabled a fancier champagne to be served it would be a nice treat

  • You do realise it’s not cutting anything. It’s a fare class moving from Flexi to Discount. You pay the same and get the same. Nothing has changed except more fare classes available in the discount end. Everything still aligns as normal 

  • I feel someone is hurt by frequent flyer programs, and yes ultimately they are profit makers for the airlines. It is not at all a surprise. Firstly, yes rewards are harder to find, though if you're happy to fly other airlines/ be flexible with dates/ book early you can get those seats.Second...

  • Because one is a change in available benefits, whilst this is literally just reclassing a fare from Flex->Discount. Nothing changes from the majority of people's appearance. Flex still earns the same, Discount still earns the same

  • The US has entry conditions based on origin country not country of nationality. Note that if travelling from Australia you won't be able to leave the country unless you get approval (or meet the other departure requirements)

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  • It seems that QF don't want to do ORC/ the agents are told not to actively promote it. It is weird given that the value of the points/SCs would be less than a fare compensation.

  • If you are a Qantas Platinum/Platinum One/ CL you can use the domestic lounge upon arrival (which I know is pretty much useless for Sydney, but very good for Melbourne), and this is their half hearted effort for an Arrivals lounge

  • Originally Posted by reeves35 : I'd suggest going to SQ which also gives you status with VA as well as across the Star Alliance.  I'm pretty sure SQ would probably status match almost immediately As far as I thought, SQ don't status match anyone, has this changed?

  • According to the Skyteam rules "All First and Business Class passengers traveling on, or connecting to/from, a same-day international flight operated by a SkyTeam member airline have access to a lounge. Lounge access will be provided only at your departure and transfer airports, and not on arriva...

  • Dont forget that if you are travelling entirely inside the US then regardless of whether you have Delta status or Skyteam status you are not allowed lounge access. If you were travelling on AA or United then you would have lounge access as you are Oneworld Sapphire/ Star Alliance Gold

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