New menus land at Qantas’ Sydney, Melbourne first class lounges

Browse and download the latest Qantas First Lounge menus ahead of that long-awaited overseas flight.

By David Flynn, October 29 2021
New menus land at Qantas’ Sydney, Melbourne first class lounges

What’s on the latest menu at the Qantas first class lounge”? It’s a surprisingly common question of top-tier frequent flyers who begin their journey from the Qantas International First Lounges at Sydney and Melbourne.

And with Qantas reopening both of those lounges – on November 1 for Sydney, and November 27 for Melbourne – there’s a new menu for pre-flight dining.

It’s decidedly different to the menus of pre-pandemic days, because for at least the next few months, the Qantas International Business lounges will remain closed.

This means the Qantas first class lounges will welcome everyone who’d usually head for the business lounge, including:

  • Qantas business class travellers
  • Platinum One, Platinum and Gold-tier Qantas frequent flyers
  • Qantas Club members
  • business class travellers on Oneworld and partner airlines (such as Qatar Airways and Emirates)
  • Oneworld Emerald and Sapphire frequent flyers
  • Emirates Skywards Platinum and Gold frequent flyers

"But what about those free lounge passes?", you ask. A Qantas spokesperson tells Executive Traveller that while the airline intends to accept complimentary lounge invitations (including the special First Lounge Invitations given to Platinum One members to share with family and friends), "this won't be in place for the initial international flights while we review capacity."

A pared-back ‘premium lounge’ menu

Reflecting this short-term shift away from being an exclusive haven for first class passengers and Platinum-grade frequent flyers, the latest menus of the Qantas First Lounges at Sydney and Melbourne have been temporarily recast to suit these being less of a purely first class lounge and more of a ‘premium lounge’.

We say this by way of setting expectations for these menus, which for obvious reasons have been noticeably pared back while the business class lounges remain closed. (And before you ask: yes, the First Lounge’s pampering day spa also remains closed for now.)

Executive Traveller understands the menus will still change slightly as the months roll on, reflecting the seasonal availability of different produce. 

As you’d expect, the menus retain some Qantas First Lounge favourites such as the iconic salt and pepper calamari and the very Instagramable 'pavlova in a glass’.

And while the first weeks Qantas flights from Sydney and Melbourne will see only afternoon and evening departures, the airline has also prepared a breakfast menu in readiness for when morning flights take off.

We’ve listed the full Breakfast and All-Day Dining menus (as at November 2021) below, as well as providing a link to download each menu as a PDF. 

Qantas Sydney, Melbourne International First Lounge Breakfast menu

  • Seasonal fruit salad
  • Croissant
  • House made muffin
  • Neil’s healthy Bircher muesli with apple, cranberry and hazelnuts
  • Buttermilk pancakes with fresh blueberries, baked rhubarb, toasted pecans and maple syrup Watercress, kale and goat’s feta salad with a poached egg, avocado, spring peas and lemon (GF) Brioche, leg ham and Gruyere toasted sandwich 
  • Scrambled eggs with bacon, pork chipolata, spinach, tomato braised beans 

Click here to download the Qantas International First Lounge Breakfast menu 

Qantas Sydney, Melbourne International First Lounge All-Day Dining menu

  • Brioche, leg ham and Gruyere toasted sandwich, rocket and lemon
  • Salt and pepper squid with cabbage salad, green chilli dipping sauce and aioli 
  • Spicy coconut braised pumpkin and green beans with Thai basil and rice noodles (GF, VG) Paprika and garlic chicken with chickpeas, roast red capsicum, sherry vinegar and rice pilaf (GF) Neil’s lasagne with shaved fennel, lemon and parsley salad 
  • Bowl of chips
  • Mixed leaves with Neil’s vinaigrette 
  • Signature pavlova with seasonal fruit, mascarpone and Persian fairy floss  


  • Seppelt The Drives Chardonnay Pinot Noir, NV
  • Vasse Felix Classic Dry White Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, 2019
  • Rosemount Little Berry Pinot Grigio, 2019 
  • Levantine Hill Coldstream Guard Chardonnay, 2018 
  • Wolf Blass Makers Project Pinot Noir, 2019 
  • Wynns Cabernet Shiraz Merlot, 2017 
  • Lindeman’s Gentleman’s Collection Shiraz, 2019

Executive Traveller understands that Champagne will be 'available on request'.

Click here to download the Qantas International First Lounge All-Day Dining menu

So, what’s the incentive for platinum and platinum plus members when Qantas Club members get to use the same club facilities as platinum and platinum plus members. 

05 Mar 2015

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There's no 'incentive' but that's not what this is about. This is about Qantas restarting international flights, having a lounge available for passengers departing on those flights, and the fact that the numbers at this stage simply don't make it viable to have both the First and Business Lounges open. So Qantas has opened the best lounge of the two, made it available to all eligible passengers, and modified the menu in line with this being one lounge for everyone. And as a Platinum One  (not 'Platinum Plus') member I have no problem with that at all. I'm happy to see this great lounge open again, happy to see so many of the staff back again, and happy to still be able to enjoy a few of my favourite dishes.

23 Jul 2017

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I like the idea of the better of the two lounges being opened (not "best" as there are only two lounges.) I'm also glad the ubiquitous salt and pepper squid is retained. I'll still take mine like I take my whiskey - straight, and definitely NO cabbage. As a dyed in the wool snob, I'm sad the champagne is "hidden behind the counter", but at least one can ask for it.

17 Feb 2017

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I feel this is an upgrade for Gold/Qantas Club/Business Class flyers but a distinct downgrade for Platinum/Platinum One Frequent Flyers.  I think it would be much better if a discrete flash of a Qantas Platinum/Platinum One Membership card would result in some better wine/champagne options at the very least!

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

28 Oct 2011

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Champagne is available if you ask for it. It would be too difficult to administer if there were separate wine lists for First/Plat and Business/Gold/QC.

20 Apr 2015

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I disagree, they manage to do it just fine in the London QF lounge, with a special menu available if you flash your First Class/ P1 boarding pass. Even in this lounge if it just enabled a fancier champagne to be served it would be a nice treat

28 Aug 2019

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Ask and you shall receive.   Is that so difficult to do ?


01 Feb 2013

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It will. Just like in London etc once they know you are P1 champagne is provided. 


03 May 2013

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That's the lounge food sorted, now for the embarrassing J class rabbit food served on tiny plates and lack luster 'first' class meals Neil.

Count me as another Platinum who's happy to see the lounge (and Nestor and the gang) back. This relaunch menu is on the light side but that's understandable, it's still way better than the downstairs business lounge, I bet Qantas will see a lot of Golds setting their sights on Platinum for 2022 so they can keep using this lounge. Hopefully Qantas will add some extra dishes to this menu from early 2022 as demand increases, can't wait for the corn fritters!

20 Oct 2015

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I completely understand why the 'new' First lounge menu is the way it is, but once we get to December with more flights to more destinations AND more passengers too, being school holidays and Christmas and all that, I would like to think that Qantas could find a 'best of both worlds' approach to the First lounge being the only lounge, because I don't expect the business lounge to be back until middle of next year.

So in early December I think Qantas should take the first few 'bays' down near the spa end of the lounge, set aside two or three of them for dining plus maybe two for regular seating, and have these reserved for Platinums and Platinum Ones and Chairman's Lounge members. Have a separate menu just for them, with some additional dishes which can include a lot of First Lounge favourites from previous menus plus better wines and more cocktails.

Then bring back the restaurant-style 'concierge' arrangement they had before Covid where a lounge staffer would be at the front of the dining areas to welcome people and direct them to a table or put their name down if there was a bit of a wait. If the passengers are CL or P/P1 they're taken to the far end of the lounge set aside for them with the 'special' menu. If they're business class, Gold or Qantas Club, they are taken to the regular area with the more basic menu.

This would still be a great experience for people who'd usually be in the Business Lounge while also being an improvement and closer to the pre-COVID experience for people who are First Lounge regulars. Maybe Qantas could even open the spa as a 'First-only' privilege for the CL and P/P1 passengers.

28 Aug 2019

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Qantas has already mentioned that those who have booked business class will be allowed into the first class lounge for the moment.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

21 Dec 2016

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Anyone have any data points on Qantas Platinums flying China Eastern? I’m flyi SYD-PVG on Wednesday and wonder if I can access the First Lounge?

05 Mar 2015

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Wow, you're flying into Shanghai? Must be a must-do trip, is this to catch up with family or a necessary business trip?

Anyway, I would strongly recommend calling Qantas or hitting them up on Twitter and asking them this question just so you can get 100% clarity. Also of course check your flight time against that of the Qantas flights that day, as the lounge is only open ahead of Qantas flights. Even Sydney-Singapore is only four days a week and if Wednesday isn't one of those days then I'm not sure it would be open in the morning at all, if your China Eastern flight is a morning departure.

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