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  • QF and AMEX hoax (sorta)

    Jun 13, 2019, 06:35 PM

    Originally Posted by andrewjason81 Ok, so I just sent this to QF customer care. Am seething at the moment:"Hi,I am very pissed off with Qantas right now. I have an AMEX Ultimate card, and apparently when I make an "eligible" purchase I am entitled to 2 complimentary lounge passes.Well, there I g...

  • Pity about Coles stooping to Citbank. I've had mostly bad experiences with Citi. A pretty ugly organisation. Anyway, one less card I need to monitor.

  • It's perfectly normal! I'd never risk JQ for any travel at all. I learnt that lesson 10 years ago.

  • Just make all aircraft seats first class. Charge accordingly.

  • I have been a member of this programme for some time but never seem to receive any recognition or rewards. Their programme is not as generous as others. Consequently, I don't treat it seriously or bother too much about it. Instead, when booking Rydges, I tend to go through where the r...

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