• Does anyone know if you can now get the Shenzhen Visa from the new High-Speed rail station in West Kowloon?

  • I definitely prefer a longer transit time, in fact my favorite is around 4-6 hours in places like HK or Singapore where I can take a fast train/taxi into the city, walk around the streets, have a local meal then back to the airport feeling like I have actually cleared my head of planes, airports,...

  • Chris, any news about the AMEX Business Accelerator card?

  • Review:

    Nov 07, 2017, 12:48 PM

    Great review Chris - can you clarify which fares do not earn SC's/points please? I found a $1933 Business Saver fare on VA website for LST-MEL-CNS-HKG and return via OOL with VA flight numbers on all flights but I can't find the booking class to see what points are earned.

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  • I am VA platinum and was travelling HKG-LHR prem econ on VS last month. Tried to access their lounge in HKG (plaza premium) but no chance unless you are in Upper Class. Anyway HKG airport is ok even if not in a lounge. On the return journey no problem accessing the excellent VS Clubhouse at LHR.

  • Good to know this - I will be arriving at 05:30 on CX899 from EWR after 15+ hours :(

  • International from Hobart?

    Feb 28, 2018, 03:17 PM

    I think many readers miss the point here - the largest percentage of foreign visitors to Tasmania are from China. This is the where new international flights will come from/go to. Indeed the Tasmanian govt has already had talks with China Southern and others about direct flights to Hobart. You ju...

  • I fly Brisbane - Manila regularly and Qantas only last month replaced the old 767 service with A330's. I think HNL 767 service is about to change also.

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