When will qantas stop flying the 767 - a domestic plane - to Honolulu?

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Joe muratore

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When will qantas stop flying the 767 to Honolulu and upgrade to a newer aircraft to make the flight more comfortable in regards to inflight entertainment etc


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When they have enough 787s to be able to schedule one of those.


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Probably in the next twelve months, when more A380s begin to arrive.


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I remember at kne stage they flew 747-300's to Honolulu which actually had better amenities than the current aircraft. But to answer your question they most likely will cut the route before they upgrade the aircraft. We have already seen them transfer may routes to JetStar and I see no reason that will prevent them from adding their flights and supplementing them with JetStar flights. I myself would hate that but it seems the way Qantas is going :-(


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I had always hoped Qantas would use HNL for a twice/thrice weekly service to eastern Canada - Toronto or Montreal.  The added bonus would be if they were able to fly Canadians to HNL....  Of course monopolistic Air Canada would be apoplectic, but I would imagine Qantas would get decent load factors both ways regardless....


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I fly Brisbane - Manila regularly and Qantas only last month replaced the old 767 service with A330's. I think HNL 767 service is about to change also.


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Honolulu will more than likely be dropped in the August 24 announcement from Alan Joyce. My bets are all Honolulu services will be transferred to Jetstar


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Hard to say, the jury is still out on this one until the announcement is made. I spoke to a Qantas employee and he had the impression that Honolulu was a money making route for Qantas. The latest Australian Aviation  thread on airliners.net had a post where a flight attendant mentioned Qantas cutting the route by then of 2012, but I guess regarding the outcome we'll all be surprised. I don't see any logic in Qantas keeping the route if Jetstar flies better equipment than the aging 767, considering the latest A330 with seat back IFE does the occasional run to HNL.


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Hello, where can i find pictures of the different planes every one talks about?

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