• What is 'unbundled' business class?

    Feb 05, 2021, 02:41 PM

    I just don’t get airline ticket pricing.  To upgrade from Comfort to Elite costs nearly $1000 extra for which you get a couple thousand miles worth maybe $25 and $158 savings in the less likely event that you cancel.  

  • i find it virtually impossible to get comfortable in the current regional seat. It’s by no means a “deep” recline. The saving grace is it’s frequently possible to avoid this seat given Cathay fly their intercontinental planes on a lot of regional flights.

  • Cathay has some of the worst food I've eaten in business class. Just providing something edible made from decent ingredients which are not shoved together in a small doggie bowl is all that is required - no need for dine on demand.

  • Am I the only one who finds singapore airlines new lounge design to be a bit of a fail?  Of course anything is better than their current lounge in Bangkok (including no lounge), but when compared to what cathay and qantas have done with theirs, singapore's lounges are second rate. This is es...

  • I'd also avoid 11A.  There is a toilet directly in front that you face throughout the flight, which I find disconcerting.  There's a curtain in between but no one using the toilet draws it shut before or after. 

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  • I would be very careful about falling for the Qatar q-suite hype. If you move around at all in your sleep or are a side sleeper, it’s extremely uncomfortable. After having flown it last month I will now go out of my way to avoid Qatar. In my opinion the Qantas a380 seat I showing it’...

  • CX Business Class Standards

    Jan 04, 2017, 05:00 PM

    Cx has a fully competent business class offering, however, with something of an assembly line feel to it. In other words all the basics will be there without making it special in any way.  The seat will be good, the entertainment good, the service efficient, and the food generally disappoint...

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