The best business class seats on Singapore Airlines' Airbus A380

By Chris C., April 22 2016
The best business class seats on Singapore Airlines' Airbus A380

Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A380s offer high flyers some of the widest business class seats in the industry, measuring 30 inches across when upright – and of course, providing direct aisle access from every seat.

On these jets, there’s absolutely no such thing as a ‘bad’ business class seat, but discerning travellers begin to notice differences between them that can make for a better flight, or one less so.

Singapore Airlines A380 business class: the basics

Singapore Airlines adopts four different seating layouts across its A380 fleet, but in the business class section you’ll find only two different configurations.

The first sees the upper deck shared between business class at the front and economy towards the rear, frequently appearing on Australian flights and on many ‘off-peak’ services to other destinations…

… while the second gives the over the entire upper deck to business class travellers, and which you’ll commonly find on morning departures to London Heathrow, among other cities.

[You can click on the seat maps above to enlarge them.]

To see which is planned for your flight, retrieve your booking via the Singapore Airlines website and head to the seat selection page – if you can spot seats 16A, 16K and business class rows 91-96, you’re in the all-business class layout.

Otherwise, if business class ends at row 27, you’re on a jet which splits business class and economy (the first layout above).

Whichever applies to your flight, here are our top picks of the business class seats – and as you’ll quickly see, it’s always a trade-off between legroom, noise, passenger traffic and window views depending on your preferences.

Singapore Airlines A380 business class: best seats

96A, 96K (all-business class): Perched at the rear of the upper deck, these seats are nestled behind the cabin’s final emergency exit in a row of their own, giving you a hint of ‘private jet’ but on a commercial aircraft.

You’ll still be able to spot passengers in front, but the layout means you don’t need to lie diagonally as you do in the other seats, instead sprawling out on a much larger bed. Note also that these seats are bassinet-equipped, so there’s a chance you could be moved for a travelling child.

91A, 91K (all-business class): Also featuring more space near your feet for a wider bed, these seats too are great for a good night’s sleep – but not for lighter sleepers due to restrooms ahead of the seat and the light, noise and foot traffic these can generate. This row is also missing one window.

The forward cabin (both layouts): Located up the front, there’s less engine noise in this part of the jet than further back near the wings, and with only 4-5 rows, you still get that private feel with the usual friendly SQ service.

Our pick of the bunch are the window seats in rows 12-15 on both layouts with the exception of 15K on the split business/economy upper decks, which sits ahead of a restroom.

Avoid 16D/F on both layouts as the crew galley is directly behind, 16A/K on the all-business layout for the same reasons and be mindful of 11A/K, which offer more of that great bulkhead legroom but with no windows to enjoy the passing views.

17A, 17K (both layouts): These seats at the front of the main cabin again provide extra sleeping space, but with the trade-off of being bassinet seats.

Any D+F seats, for couples: Whichever A380 you get, these seats (such as 22D and 22F) are always adjacent, allowing for easy conversation throughout the flight – and if you end up here on your lonesome, don’t sweat: you can deploy a privacy divider in the centre.

Conversely, if you forget to select your seats or are moved and end up apart, the seats are all wide enough to accommodate two people when upright, so your partner can always visit your seat and can even watch a movie with you, thanks to dual headphone outlets – one on each side of the seat.

Avoid row 27 (both layouts): Located at the very back of the main business class cabin, these seats are directly in front of the restrooms, or on some aircraft, partially next to them, so make these a last resort.

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28 Oct 2015

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I'd also avoid 11A.  There is a toilet directly in front that you face throughout the flight, which I find disconcerting.  There's a curtain in between but no one using the toilet draws it shut before or after. 

06 Jun 2015

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I love the bulkhead seat space as it really challenges a lot of first class spaces / seat area size. However, when in 17A I noticed that it was quite noisy from the galley throughout the flight. It would have definitely been easier to sleep slightly futher back in the cabin in a regular seat but then I'd be giving up the spaciousness.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

20 Mar 2014

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why are the windows so big in all the pictures?

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

13 Jan 2015

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11K is my pick on this and both 77W layouts

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