• It is arguable that SQ could do better in their T3 business class lounge, which is outdated compared to other competitors in the South-east Asia region, which is not on the standard what SQ should be

  • The thing is that it offers a top-notch product but the food is not quite satisfying, and that happened both on board and in their NAN lounge. I think it might be suitable for them to find someone to design the menu then everything will get to be fine.

  • I had tried MH122 first class yesterday, and I can promise that the services are top-notch, while the offering (amenity kits, caviars, top champagne like Taittinger Comtes de champagne 2007) are also first class standard. The only drawback is their seat, which is the reason why they cannot distin...

  • I won't recommend any connection in MNL by PAL before a great renovation for MNL T2, as that terminal is entirely outdated, and the PAL lounge is totally a nightmare. You can never imagine the main lounge of a giant airline with only 1 shower room embedded and with no hot water!

  • Concept designs for new SQ seats

    May 11, 2016, 10:05 PM

    I believe this product to be quite impressive, SIA's business class always exceeds most of the first class products among other airlines, especially for adjacent TG

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