Airbus A380

Qantas A380 bound for Johannesburg from September

It’s the first time the red-tailed superjumbo will fly to South Africa.

British Airways: new first suites, business class

A £7 billion investment will be headlined new first suites and business seats, upgraded lounges a...

When Qantas first class is the best business class...

Savvy business class travellers to Hong Kong can snare the original Qantas superjumbo suite.

Any hour is cocktail hour at Emirates’ elegant A380 bar

Any hour is cocktail hour at Emirates’ amazing A380 bar.

Qantas cuts A380 flights, trims New York schedule

A shortfall of superjumbos hits travellers bound for Los Angeles, South Africa and even New York.

Review: Qantas Airbus A380 onboard lounge

These cosy spaces bring a social ‘speakeasy’ vibe to the superjumbo.

Qatar Airways A380 business class, Sydney to Doha

With impeccable service and an inflight bar, the Qatar Airways A380 really is a fantastic way to ...

Qantas LAX schedule change to impact thousands of flyers

The airline is shifting from morning to late-afternoon departures for some superjumbo flights.

Review: Emirates A380 Sydney-Christchurch

The superjumbo is once again the best way to travel across the pond. First class for just three h...

The A380 almost had a split-level first class ‘loft’ suite

Etihad’s A380 The Residence suite almost embraced an ‘upstairs, downstairs’ approach.

Here are the best (and worst) Qantas business class seats

All Qantas international business class seats, ranked and rated.

Inside the upgraded Emirates A380s

This tip-to-tail transformation will keep the double-deck jets flying “for the foreseeable future...

Codename ‘Skyroom’: Singapore Airlines A380 concepts

Singapore Airlines’ latest Airbus A380 first class suites were conceived as a hotel room above th...

Revealed: Airbus A380 first class concepts

These early Airbus concepts hinted at the shape of superjumbo suites to come.

Lufthansa to upgrade A380 with new business class

The superjumbos will be upgraded to feature new Allegris business class suites and ‘thrones’.

Emirates goes all-A380 for Sydney flights

The well-appointed superjumbo with its first class showers and cocktail bar will fly three times ...

Qatar Airways will keep its A380s flying for years to come

The superjumbo will be put out to pasture again, but not in a hurry…

Qantas to retire A380 from 2032, replace with A350

The red-tailed superjumbos will fly into the sunset in the early 2030s...