Airbus A380

Etihad A380 superjumbo returns to the skies on July 15

Four Etihad A380s are set to make a comeback on the busy London route.

Qantas A380 and first class returns to Melbourne

The red-tailed superjumbo bounces back onto the Los Angeles route from October 31.

Review: Qantas Airbus A380 onboard lounges

These cosy spaces bring a social ‘speakeasy’ vibe to the superjumbo.

Qantas A380 returns to Sydney-Hong Kong

The superjumbo and its first class suites will once again be a regular visitor to the Asian metro...

Demand for first, business class sees jumbos soaring back

The fuel-inefficient 747 and A380 enjoy a second chance in the skies, thanks to their large numbe...

Virgin Atlantic planned inflight casino, gym for its A380s

The abandoned superjumbo would have been a posterchild for Branson’s love of fun and flair.

All Emirates A380s will be flying again by 2023

Fuelled by rampant travel demand, the superjumbo continues to soar.

Emirates brings back the Sydney-Christchurch A380 superjumbo

The A380 is once again the best way to travel across the pond. First class for three hours..? Wel...

Green machine: the A380 superjumbo gets hydrogen power

The double-decker jet will help Airbus chart a course into zero-emission flying.

Superjumbo superloos: the first class washrooms of the A380

It’ll be hard to return to cramped airplane bathrooms after a peek inside these spacious well-app...

This Qantas jet has an exclusive ‘Harry Potter’ suite

But can you summon a glass of bubbles by saying “Accio, Champagne” ?

Emirates, Qatar give Perth a superjumbo-sized travel boost

Both the Gulf airlines are bringing back their A380s, and there’s arguably no better way to fly f...

Any hour is cocktail hour at Emirates’ elegant A380 bar

It’s one of the signature experiences of a business or first class flight on the Emirates superju...

Singapore Airlines’ original A380 seats become museum star

The iconic suites will join a museum exhibition celebrating the Lion City’s homegrown brands.

Qantas once ordered 20 Airbus A380s, only ten will fly again

Over the past two decades, the Qantas Airbus A380s followed a bumpy flightpath and at times an un...

One grounded A380 needs 4,500 hours work to fly again

Bringing an A380 out of hibernation is a long and complicated process.

Singapore Airlines A380 heads to Hong Kong

The double-decker jet’s return is another sign of confidence in Hong Kong’s reopening.

Take your home to new heights with this Emirates A380 bar

Invite your friends over for drinks and watch their jaws drop at the sight of this amazing bar.