Airbus A380

Etihad's Airbus A380 is not coming back anytime soon

The swish superjumbo looks to be out of action until at least late 2021.

Emirates eager to bring its A380s back to Australia

The palatial superjumbo will return to Australian skies, Emirates maintains, but when is another ...

Singapore Airlines opens a restaurant in an Airbus A380

Dine on the ground in a Singapore Airlines superjumbo, or have the airline's first and business c...

Qantas has just made its last Airbus A380 flight until 2023

All twelve Qantas superjumbos have been stood down "for at least three years," says airline CEO A...

Lufthansa may speed Airbus A350 deliveries

As Lufthansa looks to axe the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 it could accelerate delivery of new A350...

Qantas CEO: rapid COVID tests could restart overseas travel

Passport, boarding pass, the all-clear from a 'super-fast' COVID test and you'd be all set to fly...

The world's biggest jets are headed for the boneyard

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Future of Singapore Airlines' A380 in limbo

Singapore Airlines is preparing to right-size itself for the coming years, but will the superjumb...

Emirates vs Qatar in Airbus A380 superjumbo stoush

These two powerhouse airlines have different views on the future role the Airbus A380.

How Qantas will hibernate its A380s for the next three years

There's more to putting a superjumbo to sleep than merely shutting down the computer, and turning...

Emirates hopes for all A380s to be flying by early 2022

If Emirates President Sir Tim Clark has his way, 2022 will see a superjumbo surge.

Qantas to mothball its flagship Airbus A380s until 2023

Alan Joyce says the mighty superjumbo is likely to stay grounded "for at least three years."

Lufthansa is the latest airline to mothball its Airbus A380s

The German carrier says it will likely never fly the A380 again from Frankfurt.

Emirates A380 premium economy is ready and "waiting to go"

The spacious 'sleeperette' seat remains under wraps ahead of a launch that's still TBC.

Emirates: "all bets are off" on new Airbus, Boeing jets

Emirates will revisit all outstanding orders for new jets from Airbus and Boeing.

Etihad: Airbus A380s to return, Airbus A350s to follow

The superjumbo will fly again, Etihad promises, and it'll be joined by the new Airbus A350-1000.

Emirates to keep most Airbus A380s, says Sir Tim Clark

The A380 will be Emirates' flagship for years to come says the airline's president, although many...

Etihad may axe Airbus A380s, cancel A350 order

The trend towards downsizing continues, with Etihad embarking on a fleet review that could see th...