Airbus A380

Emirates brings A380 back to Perth from November 1

The superjumbo soars once more between Dubai and Perth as demand for travel continues to surge.

Malaysia Airlines is still flying the A380 on 20 minute hops

The superjumbos remain up for sale, so why the ‘flights to nowhere’?

Emirates: Build a new superjumbo, bigger than the A380

With its A380s now gracing the skies once again, the Gulf carrier’s boss is already dreaming up i...

Qantas A380 returns to Sydney-Los Angeles

The superjumbo and its first class suites make a welcome comeback on the popular route.

The best business class seats on the Qantas Airbus A380

The superjumbos have 70 Business Suites along the upper deck, but here are the seats to pick and ...

The A380 returns to the skies as travel roars back

The superjumbo sees an unexpected new lease of life in response to surging demand for internation...

Qatar Airways’ A380 comes soaring back to Sydney

The Oneworld airline’s superlative superjumbo, with its elegant upper deck lounge, makes a welcom...

The biggest changes in Qantas’ new A380 business clas

A far better business class experience awaits travellers on these upgraded superjumbos.

Qatar brings back four more A380s for Europe, Asia

Once earmarked for retirement, the well-appointed superjumbos are soaring again.

Qantas brings back A380 first class

The flagship superjumbo flying experience soars again as Qantas reboots first class.

Qantas is bringing back Sydney-Singapore-London A380 flights

After more than two years, the classic Kangaroo Route and the A380 superjumbo are both hopping back.

Emirates brings its elegant A380 back to Brisbane

The Gulf carrier and Qantas partner continues a steady rebuild of its Australian network.

Will Qatar Airways’ Airbus A380 return to Sydney?

In 2022, the Gulf carrier’s superjumbo is enjoying an unexpectedly new lease on life.

Qantas Airbus A380s return to the skies

After being grounded for almost two years, the Qantas superjumbos soar once more.

First Qantas A380 returns Tuesday November 9

The red-tailed Qantas Airbus A380s will make an even earlier return to the skies.

Singapore Airlines A380 returns to Sydney on December 1

The well-appointed superjumbo will slot into a double-daily schedule between Singapore and Sydney.

The world’s shortest A380 flight runs for just one hour

Welcome to Singapore Airlines’ sixty-minute superjumbo jaunt to Kuala Lumpur and back.

Qantas says no plans to bring A380s back early

The superjumbo is set to fly again from the middle of next year, but two of the 12-strong fleet w...