Airbus A380

Emirates showcases upgraded A380 business class

Emirates' final six superjumbos sport a refreshed business class cabin plus a snazzier first clas...

Emirates reveals new premium economy seats, cabin

Emirates has pulled back the curtains on its long-awaited premium economy class.

Emirates sets the date for its last Airbus A380 delivery

The mighty superjumbo is ready to make its swan song.

Singapore Airlines to upgrade all remaining A380s

When Singapore Airlines' superjumbos return to the skies they'll all feature the latest suites an...

Thai Airways is selling off two of its Airbus A380s

Two of Thai's six superjumbos have hit the second-hand market.

Emirates A380 premium economy arrives this month

Emirates' keenly-anticipated premium economy seats are finally on the way.

Emirates boss has "no idea" of Boeing 777X deliveries

Emirates President Sir Tim Clark is bullish on the A380's return but bewildered over the Boeing 7...

Future of Etihad's Airbus A380 in limbo

Yet another airline's superjumbo squadron could be sent into early retirement...

Singapore Airlines to retire Airbus A380s, Boeing 777s

Over a third of Singapore Airlines' A380s are being put out to pasture as the carrier right-sizes...

British Airways' Airbus A380s grounded until at least 2021

The UK lockdown leaves no room in the sky for BA's biggest birds.

Emirates is now retiring its oldest Airbus A380s

It's the beginning of the end for these superjumbos with private suites, inflight showers and coc...

Qatar's A380s to remain grounded until late 2022

Qatar Airways' Airbus A380 superjumbos may be another casualty of the coronavirus.

Why people pay money to eat on a grounded plane

The sell-out story behind Singapore Airlines' decision to convert an Airbus A380 into a pop-up re...

SQ adds more dates to sold-out 'A380 restaurant'

The novel 'superjumbo restaurant' concept clearly has wings, with Singapore Airlines adding two m...

Etihad's Airbus A380 is not coming back anytime soon

The swish superjumbo looks to be out of action until at least late 2021.

Emirates eager to bring its A380s back to Australia

The palatial superjumbo will return to Australian skies, Emirates maintains, but when is another ...

Singapore Airlines opens a restaurant in an Airbus A380

Dine on the ground in a Singapore Airlines superjumbo, or have the airline's first and business c...

Qantas has just made its last Airbus A380 flight until 2023

All twelve Qantas superjumbos have been stood down "for at least three years," says airline CEO A...