Airbus A380

Qantas to mothball its flagship Airbus A380s until 2023

Alan Joyce says the mighty superjumbo is likely to stay grounded "for at least three years."

Lufthansa is the latest airline to mothball its Airbus A380s

The German carrier says it will likely never fly the A380 again from Frankfurt.

Emirates A380 premium economy is ready and "waiting to go"

The spacious 'sleeperette' seat remains under wraps ahead of a launch that's still TBC.

Emirates: "all bets are off" on new Airbus, Boeing jets

Emirates will revisit all outstanding orders for new jets from Airbus and Boeing.

Singapore Airlines' Airbus A380 first class concepts

Singapore Airlines' latest Airbus A380 first class suites were conceived as a hotel room above th...

Etihad: Airbus A380s to return, Airbus A350s to follow

The superjumbo will fly again, Etihad promises, and it'll be joined by the new Airbus A350-1000.

Emirates to keep most Airbus A380s, says Sir Tim Clark

The A380 will be Emirates' flagship for years to come says the airline's president, although many...

Etihad may axe Airbus A380s, cancel A350 order

The trend towards downsizing continues, with Etihad embarking on a fleet review that could see th...

Air France to scrap its entire Airbus A380 fleet

Air France bids "Adieu!" to all nine of its Airbus A380s, becoming the latest airline declaring a...

Emirates wants to drop its last five Airbus A380 orders

The Gulf airline could cut as many as half of its Airbus A380 fleet while also slashing 30% of it...

"The A380 is over" says Emirates president

With the superjumbo stricken by coronavirus, Emirates president Sir Tim Clark performs last rites.

Qantas halts A380 upgrades in international fleet review

Some of Qantas' Airbus A380s, as well as its Boeing 747s, may not return to the skies when intern...

Qantas: A380 upgrades, Boeing 747 retirements

Good news for the superjumbo, not so much for the original jumbo jet...

Coronavirus: Lufthansa retires Airbus A380s, Boeing 747s

Lufthansa says it will "take years until the worldwide demand for air travel returns to pre-crisi...

London via Darwin: Qantas QF1/QF2 takes a Top End detour

Qantas swaps Singapore for Darwin as the stopover city on its flagship Sydney-London route.

Emirates stops all passenger flights by 25 March

One of the world’s largest international airlines is cancelling all flights for at least two weeks.

Qatar Airways drops Airbus A380s, cuts flight to Australia

Fewer flights around the world, and almost none of them on Qatar Airways' Airbus A380.

Qantas cuts Airbus A380 flights, drops Singapore-London

Qantas will mothball eight Airbus A380s and axe Singapore-London flights as the coronavirus cuts ...