• "Total number of suppliers in each mkt offering the most direct routing possible:SYD-HKG=2 (Unless U fancy a flight connection in S.E.Asia)SYD-Europe=At least 20"Yes, I understand that completely, so I am so happy that the ME3 and chinese carriers exist and have so much capacity while I don't hav...

  • Bring on the competition!!! I have not been a fan of CX on the SYD to HKG route, as their prices are exorbitant. SYD-HKG return is 5.5K, SYD to pretty much most of Europe is 6.5-7K, WTF? 

  • Thanks Chris. I presume expert flyer will show award availability for everyone (ie seats that are available to bronze ff members?) is there any way of searching on expert flyer seats that are available to higher tier ff members? 

  • The macquarie platinum card has been giving out 1 QFF point for $1, even for ATO payments, but sadly this finishes on 10 May 2016. 

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  • Just in the last 3 weeks flew CX J class return SYD-YVR. I liked the new bedding concept and the new menu. It was not official dine on demand but one can really dine on demand if one wants. No issues for me and many aspects were better than QF (I felt so much more valued as a OW emerald customer ...

  • Thank you so much for your very useful comments. It looks like there are a number of options that I can try. I will report back when I get some success!

  • Thank you very much for your suggestions. I was wanting to do Sydney-London, make my own way to Venice and then Venice-Sydney, but it seems like the leg between Sydney - Dubai is the problematic leg. I will look into routing via Asia and see how I go. Thank you!

  • Dear all,This is the first time I am seriously looking into redeeming Qantas points for a couple of Emirates award seats to Europe. I am looking 11 months in advance and despite being Platinum there is hardly any business or first class availability. What's going on? I thought at one stage there ...

  • For meAs a Qantas Gold- occasional greeting on QF- nice greeting on EK- no greeting on CX or BAAs a Qantas Platinum- occasional greeting on QF, not more than when I was gold- really nice greeting on EK- really nice greeting on CX- no greeting on BA

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