Cathay Pacific - Still Worth the Money in Business?

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Have been reading very poor reviews of Cathay Business Class of late. Mostly delayed flights, missing luggage terrible food and cabin crew attitude.

I am planning a Bangkok trip and looking at fares, J with CX is over $1000 cheaper than direct with Qantas, making it well worth considering Cathay. The Cathay flights add about 5 hrs in each direction for transit but with HKG being a great airport and great CX lounges(I'm plat) its no big deal. The added bonus is because it's two flights I end up getting same SC's as I would with QF.

For those regular CX gurus has there really been a notable drop in value flying with CX including, IFE, Menus, Cabin Crew etc. I know morale is down and traffic has slowed at CX but is that reason enough to not fly them? I just don't want any hassles. Last few times I've flown them they have been superb but that was a few years ago now.


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Hi Joe,

I flew CX 3 weeks ago. Excellent flight as always. Everything worked like clock work. Food was fantastic. None of my flights were delayed (except for a medical emergency), the ground staff did wonders putting us all in different flights and were lovely. I'm flying them again to Chiang Mai and Bangkok in 3 weeks. Yes, the airport is a "little bit" less busy, which is great for security (which is so quick in HKG anyway) and the lounges were "less busier" than normal.

IFE had less noticeable box office hits, but not sure if this is because i flew december and there were no good movies out there.

I would be sad to see CX reduce their frequency or disappear for that matter.


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Where are you seeing poor reviews of Cathay Business class?

Here is our latest from November -

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Skytrax reviews primarily; also Tripadvisor. Any news if CX are planning to use the A350 for all 4 daily flights out of Sydney?

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I wouldn't concern yourself with reading those sources. Few post positive reviews.

Try Flyertalk for a better idea.

We flew CX in December and they were good.


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Compared to Singapore no match. Compared to Qantas usually the winner. Fly CX is my advice.


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CX is great. Seats are great and service is very good. Food isn't qantas standard, but the lounges in HKG make up for it. Esp the pier.


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I found CX a bit lacklustre in Oct, but fine. For $1000 less, absolutely!


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With the situation in Hong Kong, when I was looking for fares Cathay was an outright budget option, you can still get really good deals and the business class is anything but budget.


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Just in the last 3 weeks flew CX J class return SYD-YVR. I liked the new bedding concept and the new menu. It was not official dine on demand but one can really dine on demand if one wants. No issues for me and many aspects were better than QF (I felt so much more valued as a OW emerald customer on CX than I have ever felt as a platinum on QF's own metal , and this was consistent on all 4 sectors!). I wouldn't hesitate to go with CX. And the lounges in Hong Kong - Ahhhh....the pier first class lounge,.....I think I could live in there.


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I've always felt 'underwhelmed' by CX business. Never my first choice. A premium price over other carriers (maybe not right now with the HK protests). Wine selection is poor, the IFE is average at best. And, as a woman travelling solo, my experience has been that of a second class citizen. Maybe that's just me.


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I flew Cathay 3 weeks ago, Brisbane through to Zurich. No issues with baggage. Both flights landed 25 minutes early but the 7 hour stopover was annoyingly long. The service sand food were both very good and the padding on the bed was a welcome addition compared to when I last flew with them. However, with the coronavirus now raging through China I wouldn't jump at the chance to fly through HKIA again any time soon.


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CX is the best service in Asia in my opinion. The only thing that lets them down is older planes on short haul intra Asia flights. If timing is not an issue take CX enjoy the first class lounge and the extra status credits.


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I flew CX156 business out of Brisbane to Narita via Hong Kong on 20 January. Apart from the midnight departure, the business class CX on the AB A350 is impressive. Cabin service is excellent along with varied food options. No PJ's, but you do get slippers. I usually fly the direct QF61 from Brisbane to Narita, but the CX cost saving was too good not to go with. It's a good service, it's up there, if not a bit better than QF A330 service.


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Food was the worst I ever had on any business flight last week with CX. They ran out of the better options unfortunately ...tasted and looked awful.... but stock up on decent dim sum and noodles if you can from a CX lounge beforehand.

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