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Hi all,

I am a Qantas Gold FF and have been traveling HKG - MEL return once a month in economy for the past five months. On my recent trip just after take off a flight attendant came to my seat and greeted me by name. She then introduced herself then asked me about my trip followed by some small talk and then thanked me for choosing Qantas (similar to what happens in business class). This also happened again just before landing with her saying it was a pleasure having you on board etc. This is the first time it has happened to me when flying economy... Is there any reason for this? Love to hear from you if you know why!


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Yep. I’ve had this a couple of times since moving to platinum in VA. Hi Dr B etc etc. I’m usually doing short stints so their time is limited. A nice touch though. Except when I’m trying to get through an episode of Disenchantment....

Just fluffing the pillows for you, I guess.


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Yup, have had it a few times in Qantas/Cathay/Finnair/Qatar/Emirates since reaching QF Platinum! Gives you the warms and fuzzies!

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The personal greeting is done best when it sounds sincere and is followed up in ways such as offering you a glass of wine or champagne from business class if you're in economy, or an amenity kit on an overnight flight. It's extra nice when they look after you like this and the passengers next to you are wondering who you are, if you're some sort of VIP!


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I've had this once on my way to Manila and I'm gold. At first I thought I was getting upgraded because he opened the greeting with "I see you fly with us pretty regularly". We had a small chat and left me feeling good. I'm glad they are doing it. I fly so often in economy yet hardly see the same attendants so you loose that personal touch. Where as at the hotels they all know me.


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I flew Adelaide - Melbourne in seat 5A in economy on Saturday and was spoken to by name several times. The person seated In 5C was only greeted as “sir”. I wondered at the time if it was because I’m QFF Platinum.


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I'm Platinum with Qantas and last month received a welcome on a short Iberia flight in economy and was asked if I wanted to move to an exit row with extra leg room. I've never received a greeting on British Airways and on Qantas International I probably receive a welcome 60-70% of the time. I like the personal touch but it is quite inconsistent. It's not uncommon to be offered business class earphones, although my personal experience is that the extra perks have dried up a little bit over the last 2 years (but it really depends on the crew). About 3-4 years ago it was common to be offered an amenities pack when flying in economy but I have not been offered this recently.


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I'm also Qantas Gold and occasionally get the greeting. It does feel pretty rushed and I wish they would offer something, even a bottle of water etc. It however does may me feel recognised and is a positive experience for me.


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I almost always get this even in economy as a P and P1 and refereed to by name, short convo

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This is why I fly Qantas.


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For me

As a Qantas Gold
- occasional greeting on QF
- nice greeting on EK
- no greeting on CX or BA

As a Qantas Platinum
- occasional greeting on QF, not more than when I was gold
- really nice greeting on EK
- really nice greeting on CX
- no greeting on BA


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Have found Virgin to be very good with this, especially on the HK/LA flights. Always offered a noise cancelling headset and sometimes an amenities kit or PJs. On lighter loads in Y they'll usually have a set of 3/4 seats blocked off for you after take off. Qantas I've found more hit and miss with it but always appreicate the gesture.


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The Qantas Hong Kong crews are pretty good I think. I had a quick trip last week and was in Economy. I had the personal introduction from the CSM that I normally get in Business. The seat next to me was blocked on both flights. I received very attentive service from the crew on both flights. Nibble and drinks offered before the meal service. Top up of drinks during other times without having to be called. As I was nodding off I was offered some Baily's or a Drambuie. I was very impressed to say the least. I wondered if they had mistaken me for a P1 instead of a WP! Seriously though, excellent effort from the crew. Well done.


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I’m only a Qantas silver member and the crew at the aircraft door greeted me by my last name, i.e. Mr Lee not sure if that’s a standard thing for everyone.

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