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  • Between your two options, I'd be going JAL 787 every time. The idea of an unnecessary stopover grinds my gears. Points aside, I always fly ANA SYD-Haneda. Again, convenience and speed. Haneda one of the best airports and so close to downtown.

  • I recently used the credit for SYD-MEL during peak (xmas) and found the Amex site and matched.

  • Terrible treatment on QF3

    Jun 07, 2019, 03:10 PM

    Sorry, I just don't buy this line. The perceived victim always exaggerates the level of victimisation. I expect there was an operational requiring shuffling of seats. Two and two in business class is a hardly a major issue? "I was almost laughed away, saying 'we gave it to a customer who actually...

  • I just always opt for the newer 787 these days. The jet lag reducing qualities of the 787 on these long hauls are genuine. I'm prepared to forego a bit of space here or there to feel that much better, recover much more quickly, at the other end.

  • United MEL-LAX and SFO-SYD Polaris?

    Feb 14, 2019, 02:49 PM

    787-9s on Australian routes are 2-2-2. The 787-9s have Polaris 'soft product' - amenities, menus, bedding (which is the best I've experienced in J - the gel pillows are amazing). The actual Polaris seat will start hitting the -9s in 2020. Other international routes, US - Asia, EU, NZ, have the ne...

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