• 100-200 tablets of 10mg over the counter at US outlets for about $15. Anything less than 10mg a waste of time. 

  • Many of these apps being developed globally, but still require some sort of uniform framework for how government's (border control) will actually access the data. What happens if your phone battery is dead at check-in/arrival?? Will travelers be holding their phones up to the immigration win...

  • Meanwhile the government cuts commercial inbound capacity by 50%, but then charters 20 Qantas flights. Seems logical. 

  • As long as the statements about app improvements are true. The QF app  is so far behind other global carriers in terms of capabilities it's shocking. 

  • QF, VA, NZ and the airports have a role to play in convincing governments that travel can be safe, and covid risk managed. Overseas, multiple airlines and airports are trialling rapid testing, free testing, standardised result apps etc etc...In this region, the airlines are doing NOTHING but canc...

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  • Between your two options, I'd be going JAL 787 every time. The idea of an unnecessary stopover grinds my gears. Points aside, I always fly ANA SYD-Haneda. Again, convenience and speed. Haneda one of the best airports and so close to downtown.

  • I recently used the credit for SYD-MEL during peak (xmas) and found the Amex site and QF.com matched.

  • Terrible treatment on QF3

    Jun 07, 2019, 03:10 PM

    Sorry, I just don't buy this line. The perceived victim always exaggerates the level of victimisation. I expect there was an operational requiring shuffling of seats. Two and two in business class is a hardly a major issue? "I was almost laughed away, saying 'we gave it to a customer who actually...

  • I just always opt for the newer 787 these days. The jet lag reducing qualities of the 787 on these long hauls are genuine. I'm prepared to forego a bit of space here or there to feel that much better, recover much more quickly, at the other end.

  • United MEL-LAX and SFO-SYD Polaris?

    Feb 14, 2019, 02:49 PM

    787-9s on Australian routes are 2-2-2. The 787-9s have Polaris 'soft product' - amenities, menus, bedding (which is the best I've experienced in J - the gel pillows are amazing). The actual Polaris seat will start hitting the -9s in 2020. Other international routes, US - Asia, EU, NZ, have the ne...

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