• @david - shall we call this "mini first" as well?

  • Agreed. On the 737-capable hops (<6hrs) there is never going to be a way to arrive "fresh and ready" when you end up with around 4 hours of sleep. Though, on a vanity route an AU transcon where the usefulness is overshadowed by the ability to just say you have lay-flats, cramming in a 2-2 prod...

  • Agreed, I had booked a 777-200 flight out of SYD a little while back, too. Plenty of inventory. ExpertFlyer also shows zero across the board.

  • Those 350 flights, and pretty much all J class availability from/to Australia has now dried up. Was good while it lasted (a day or two).

  • SQ leaks new A380 suites layout?

    Mar 28, 2017, 09:51 AM

    It will be both. Check out Etihad's 380 for reference. No one seems to complain about it, either. 

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