• Does anyone happen to remember which months (in previous years) does the Double Status and 50% Status promos come out? I missed this promo, but have 6-7 international flights planned this year so it might be worth waiting for the bookings

  • Just moving back to Oz. Is it possible to get 150 SC if i apply for both the Qantas AMEX Ultimate Card and the ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Card? Does the return flight have to oringinate from Australia or can it be overseas?

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  • Smoking on Malaysia Airlines?

    Aug 26, 2017, 04:02 PM

    More than likely it was the pilots smoking during the flight.   In China it is a lot more common. Although the airlines will have policy's forbidding it.  It will be rarely enforced in a lot of Asian companies. I heard of a incident when the cigarette/ash dropped onto some flight d...

  • I tired for 2 days to contact Qantas to change a flight (that couldn't be done online).   6 times I rang and each time they said the wait time was more than 1 hour.   For any business dealing in customer service this is disgraceful.   Luckily my Telstra package has free calls to Ch...

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