• Some of us are getting excited with the AmEx to VA to SQ transfer. Let’s do the maths. There is only 1 transfer point at which it makes sense, but for the purpose of this exercise, I have included the top 2 transfer categories. First is the 40% bonus category for over 750k+ poin...

  • No changes to flights + hotel package as of now. One (unrelated) change is that the United Premier Silver status which came with Marriott Platinum under existing program, that benefit in the new program has been given to those with Platinum Premier status in Marriott (75+ nights).

  • Regarding point no. 1, yes those with Amex Plat, which comes with SPG Gold, who status-matched it to Marriott Gold (and got free brekky & lounges) will be converted to Platinum in Aug under the new program, but ONLY for 2018 and not beyond that. Marriott's head of loyalty program in US has co...

  • Marriott do have regular promo. The one that ended yesterday gave 2,000 bonus points per stay. The one starting today will earn you 750 bonus points per night, starting from Night no. 3

  • If your only points currency is QFF, indeed this makes life much easier. However, if you are the proud owner of any AmEx cards, you may consider transferring points to Cathay Pacific Asia mile program and fly the same route on JAL metal for 80k points return in J. Hard to beat that IMO.

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  • You are being a little harsh. On pacific route, VA beats both QF and DL handsdown.

  • Whatever they do, Virgin needs to immediately replace its CEO. He has run his race, time to bring fresh blood.

  • luggage from VA domestic to SQ

    May 29, 2018, 02:24 PM

    It won't. But if this was all on a single ticket, it would have.

  • AMEX Customer Support

    May 02, 2018, 10:03 PM

    My local champion bonus points havent posted for months. Called them 4-5 times, assured repeatedly it will be fixed, but to no avail. I gave up. Sadly in Oz, they dont have competition, so stuck with them.

  • Given how easy it is to rake up Velocity points, even a 50% bonus wouldn't tempt me into transferring my AmEx points. Same with my SPG points. Flybuys is a different propositon ofcourse, even a 20% bonus would see me emptying the coffers before you can say Hooraahhhh.....

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