Virgin says DON'T transfer your Velocity points!

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Just received a Velocity newsletter asking me NOT to transfer any point from hotel and banking partners right now. It says there's 'A record breaking deal' coming out on 1st May and stay turned. Does anyone know what this 'mysterious' deal is?


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logged in to ask the same question.


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I'd wager a thousand points that it's an 'enhancement' with eyeliner.

Chris C.

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May and November are when Velocity typically runs its 15% tranfer bonus deals, so if it's "record-breaking", it'd need to be more than that. In the past they've also offered 25-50% bonus points (depending on your card, etc), so we'll see!


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I like the comms around this - hopefully the promotion lives up to the hype


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Given my balance of AMEX points....this has piqued my interest.


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Given how easy it is to rake up Velocity points, even a 50% bonus wouldn't tempt me into transferring my AmEx points. Same with my SPG points. Flybuys is a different propositon ofcourse, even a 20% bonus would see me emptying the coffers before you can say Hooraahhhh.....


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My Amex points transfer at 1:1 for both Velocity and Kris Flyer. So if the deal is better than the 35% penalty thats charged to transfer from Velocity to Kris Flyer, then potentially its a good deal for Singapore points as well.


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Their e mail states "don't transfer anything until May 1 from card or hotel partners", I wonder if it is just limited to that, or if it includes a special deal from Flybuys as well? Couple of weeks ago I received an offer from FlyBuys - transfer at least 10000 points to Velocity and receive a bonus 10 status credits. I am often targeted with such things as a lot of points are earn't with FlyBuys.


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I'm betting on a tiered offer. The more points transferred the higher then % bonus, and the bottom tier will only be the normal 15%.


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This time last year they offered me 15% transfer bonus on my FlyBuys points AND as part of the promotion, FlyBuys didn't count points transferred in May and June towards the 138,000/year FlyBuys transfer limit. I'm really hoping they'll do that again as I've already accumulated 125,000 FlyBuys points this year.

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