• For my small contribution after yesterday and today delays with Q I will stick with Rex on this Sector. Nothing but delays with Q  with distance to checkin to either gates 16,17 or 1 much longer than Rex. And the bus trip with Q to the end of the world to board and the queues for the Q400 al...

  • Today I took my first flight with Rex Cb Sydney and return. Flight departed promptly on time and the return flight likewise. Though there is a bus trip to the terminal in Sydney one embarks at the rear of the baggage claim area so exiting the terminal is very easy. The Canberra lounge is the old ...

  • Flying without catching the 'flu

    Feb 13, 2020, 11:09 PM

    Louise, excellent comments.In fact it has been shown that most of the germs and dirtiest place onboard is your tray table. Cleaning staff don't touch this when doing a quick clean for a return flight. Reports indicate the tray table is dirtier than the bathrooms.

  • Likewise I agree with Brandon's review. As I only travel O/s once a year I always travel in F. Thankfully QF still have F cause of the long routes they fly in comparison to Europe and North America. Have experienced many other airline crews I much prefer the Aussie crews,

  • Has anyone compared the 787 Business Class seats to the First Class seats on 380 and if so how do they compare?

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  • $39 MEL-SYD flights on REX

    May 05, 2021, 04:53 PM

    As a Canberran in small business I wish them well. Q has screwed us all for many years on this sector. I had a one day course in Sydney which supposedly was to finish at 5 which would be a 6.55 flight to Cb. Course finished early and at the airport after 3.00. I asked for an early flight at 4.00 ...

  • First arrivals at LHR T5

    Aug 20, 2019, 09:48 PM

    Members, if flying into LHR from NYC what is your preferred One World Airline in Business Class, American or BA?Thanks

  • Chris though I wouldn't like a baby in First Class, you as a Double P1 should be entitled to all first class seats just for you, your partner and baby.

  • Europe Trip

    Sep 12, 2018, 07:53 PM

    Fly&Inspire, I have just returned from very short trip to LHR, my experience is fly with QF through Singapore and return through Dubai with EK. The return flight with QF through Singapore results in 2 night flights which I find very uncomfortable. The day flight from LHR to DXB is very pleasa...

  • If you want to experience luxury on a B777-300 with spaciousness, great bed and exceptional amenities try the EK flights from Brussell or Geneva to Dubai. Only 6 hours flight but you wont want to go to sleep to enjoy the first class booths.

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