• I regularly fly from Sydney to Dallas on A380's and back. Ive flown in 3 different classes and always, after a meal, wine, a movie then comes sleep. Its so important to arrive as fresh as possible to sync into life at your final destination. Trying to sleep in cattle class is a non event with res...

  • I travel regularly to the USA, if they get rid of the security guards asking you stupid questions while you are trying to check in your baggage just maybe they could afford better scanners !

  • No menton of upgrades to the seats in in economy, I fly regularly Sydney to Dallas and the economy seating is last century.

  • I think theres a much better story in why there are not enough smartgates to handle the increasing numbers at Sydney airport or the increasing security at Sydney airport. Its starting to feel like Nazi Germany when you fly from Sydney to Dallas, layer upon layer of security checks !

  • First Apple HomePod reviews

    Feb 09, 2018, 07:37 PM

    This is sloppy from SApple.

  • Okay Im a little new to Australian Business Traveller but your article referencing, VA, AY, EY, HNA, VS, AZ, FCO or MXP, SA and HA, DL and SQ is somewhat bewildering. Is this a new code or way of writing things, or just a lazy way of expressing names that if stated would allow everyone to underst...