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  • Check expiry of flight credits

    Apr 27, 2021, 05:08 PM

    I had a Qantas flight credit as well which was expiring in Feb 2021 (12 months from original date) and hadn't been automatically extended to Dec 2023 like my other ones. I called up (and got a call back) and the lady said they should all just be valid to Dec 2023 and made it sound like I was wast...

  • It says in the conditions that it can be a classic reward flight too.

  • As above, when I was upgraded domestically < 24 hours before flight it automatically unlinked the lounge pass.

  • CNS-NRT on Plus bundle would be 40 status credits (as per the calculator). Economy Max would be 60 and Business Max would be 130. I got 130 SCs earlier this year when I did KIX-CNS on business max, then another 30 SCs from CNS-SYD (flexible economy as no business on this flight).

  • Qantas cuts Beijing, where to next

    Nov 12, 2019, 05:43 PM

    They might need the A330 to do a double daily service from SYD-HND (if they pick it over MEL).

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