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A heads-up to the ET community to check the expiry of flight credits. I had a flight credit from March 2020 that was evaporated on the 1st anniversary of the flight date, instead of being extended to 31st December 2023, as promised in the 18th June 2020 email to all holders of flight credits. After a frustrating communication process with Qantas I complained through the Comments page and received an email agreeing to the change in validity.


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I had a Qantas flight credit as well which was expiring in Feb 2021 (12 months from original date) and hadn't been automatically extended to Dec 2023 like my other ones. I called up (and got a call back) and the lady said they should all just be valid to Dec 2023 and made it sound like I was wasting her time calling up. I insisted on them changing the date on the voucher as I was worried it would disappear just like the OP (and it was for ~$400) and they did.

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