Additional flights to be scheduled?

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Hi All - wondering if anyone has any knowledge of airline flight scheduling? With the announcement that the borders are opening, and living in NSW, I am hopeful that I will be able to fly to the UK over Christmas. Since the announcements, I've been checking the airline schedules.. but Qantas still only have one flight option via Singapore and one option via Melbourne and Perth / Darwin per day.

What is the smart money on.. will the schedules get a bit fuller or are these the only options for the short term?



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Are you unhappy with the timings or the transit points? I doubt Qantas will significantly change either of them.


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Probably a higher likelihood that other airlines will increase their flight frequencies instead (such as Singapore Airlines).



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Nich from mid November qantas will be flying 3-4 times a week via Darwin. The Singapore stopover will be probably a month later, but if Darwin works they may do different flights to Singapore alone.

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Qantas wants 4 covid tests though, 1 before departing Aust, 1 before return, and 2 while in "home" quarantine.

If you have to go, I guess you have to do the tests, but if not essential, if I were you, I would wait.

Having those tests is not cheap.

Or if you are happy to pay, ok I guess.

The need for those tests puts me off flying internationally, and I have had my 2 jabs of Pfizer.

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Andrew the 2 in home quarantine won’t be a Qantas requirement but a state government one, which will be covered under Medicare.


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Hi Andrew, I am with Patrick regarding the Covid tests.

Qantas has the legal right to require a negative PCR test before boarding and departure on a Qantas flight, but once the passenger arrives at the port, it has no legal right, nor I doubt the actual managing capability, to demand 2 Covid tests by the passenger. Instead, it will be subject to the local requirements of the 'port'.

It is plain posturing by Joyce, IMHO.


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Our travel agent sent us our temporary travel booking plans for travel to London Heathrow from Sydney with Qantas leaving on 14 November 2021 via Darwin, and returning home on 14 January 2022. Unfortunately my wife did not wish to be away for 2 months, and requested that the booking be made for one month only, as we intended to return to London in June 2022 for a much longer stay. The downside to being away for only a month was a bit iffy because of the Queensland border closure, and we have no desire to stay in Sydney in the hopes that the borders may be opened before Christmas. Perhaps our better option would be to leave in January instead for a month knowing by then the borders would be open for our return to Queensland. We live in Queensland only because of the weather. WA and Qld are two of the shit states to live in otherwise. They are at the bottom of the ladder for just about everything. Anything or everything including additional flights depends on wether our vindictive leader decides to actually open the borders before Christmas.

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