• Yes, but by packing more, you could feel like you were getting better value for money. I hardly needed more than 1 x 32kg bag but on trips to London, I would pack 2 additional 32kg bags with bottles of Fanta for the family because in the UK, Fanta was sweetened with Aspartame instead of the ...

  • I've been harping on about this since reaching PC+ much earlier this year. As a Qantas LTG member, the benefits of PC+ are almost worthless. Domestic Business lounges and some First lounge passes, travel insurance and a few of the other carrots, however are a different matter, but at 800k/900k ea...

  • Sorry Patrick, point of order. The 1918-1920 H1N1 global pandemic (Spanish Flu) killed 50 million to 100 million people worldwide. Adjusted for population growth that would be equivalent to 400 million people today, dead!500 million of the worlds population of 1.8 billion in 1918 were infected. T...

  • ...or another aviation favourite, "VirginConnect"

  • Mandatory to vote yet discretionary to get a vaccine.

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  • What an entertaining thread. Loving it. 521303, please post more.

  • Sydney Airport - Chaos with Carry On

    Sep 25, 2018, 10:25 AM

    Very recently MEL to BNE had a seat mate who looked like he placed all of his worldly possessions in the overhead locker. Conversation started with me asking why he didn't check his bags. "Takes to long" he responded. I suggested that he obviously didn't care that he held up the boarding of a who...

  • "What? free wine? They don't publicise that!"Yes, I'd like to know more about this myself.Always wondered why one can indulge in the QP and then have to pay on board. Perhaps the added weight...Anyone else been successful getting wine or beer before 4pm or on weekends onboard?

  • BA Club Europe - AWFUL

    Jan 27, 2018, 09:36 AM

    Been lucky (I think) recently on Finnair between HEL and LHR. Most recently A350 one way and A330 the other, all with proper business class. Ooh and the blueberry juice. Who else does blueberry juice?

  • Should airport lounges ban thongs?

    Jan 13, 2018, 10:08 AM

    Originally Posted by Dredgy I just don't see the point of telling other people what they can wear, unless its an actual safety hazard. The shoes I'm walking around in would have to be way more unhygienic than my bare feet. You fail to state what the actual problem is in your original post. Do yo...

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