• The way that people who have flown are excluded from the status extension seems like a VERY strange move...

  • Whilst the scan itself is quick and easy, the small amount of bags that are able to be collected at a time and the delays caused by other passengers getting held up by shoes, belt etc when going through the more picky mm wave scanner (instead of xray) mean a lot of waiting at the other side of th...

  • One less thing to worry about.  Hilton really has been great during the pandemic.  Accor at the complete other end of the scale has really shown their true colours.

  • I stayed in the Moxy in Glasgow and really enjoyed my stay... was a small but very comfortable and functional room at a great price.  It didn't strike me as "hipster", more "luxe backpacker" or "millennial".  Not sure it would be appropriate for the travelling professional as there was ...

  • Review:

    Feb 18, 2019, 10:15 AM

    I don't think I would give that meal 3.5 stars for a business class fare... even if the champagne was decent (not sure if it is or not).

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  • QF J service

    Sep 27, 2022, 11:01 AM

    I recently flew J from LHR-SYD via SIN and the food was great and included pre-flight drinks and everything expected. Obviously everyone can have different experiences, happens with any airline. So far, I haven't yet had an "awful" Qantas experience that everyone regularly complains about here.

  • QF Platinum & ALL Status Match

    Sep 05, 2022, 01:45 PM

    Mine came through on Friday. Stayed at a Mantra Saturday and the best late check-out they could give me was 10.30am (30mins! On an already ridiculous check-out time). Never been a big Accor fan.

  • EK vs QF FF Redemption

    Jun 24, 2022, 12:34 PM

    You get points and lounge access but not status credits when flying on an EK flight number, information is pretty readily available on the Qantas website.

  • Conrad St James for luxury.... Hilton Bankside for treatment as a Diamond member. The Trafalgar Square one is very nice / modern too but the rooms are a bit small... even with an upgrade but it's got a great rooftop bar!

  • Have to agree also with the above comments. I preferred the old site also. I also get annoyed that on the new site the 'headlines' aren't exactly... For example that Penfolds article in the callout has been listed 3rd since the new site launched. Maybe that's a paid article/advert and that's t...

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