• I don't think I would give that meal 3.5 stars for a business class fare... even if the champagne was decent (not sure if it is or not).

  • This was a good card, it's a shame they are getting rid of it. Although the points earning was nowhere near as good as the US Hilton cards, I got so many excellent upgrades and benefits using my Diamond membership in Asia. IMHO the grandfathering of Diamond status until 2021 is pretty good!

  • @Grannular I did exactly the same thing and very happy with purchase - excellent sound and build quality. However, I will admit that the Sony and Bose are more comfortable. But ultimately I wanted headphones with great sound and the Sony's were more expensive and felt more flimsy and the Bose o...

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  • Conrad St James for luxury.... Hilton Bankside for treatment as a Diamond member. The Trafalgar Square one is very nice / modern too but the rooms are a bit small... even with an upgrade but it's got a great rooftop bar!

  • Have to agree also with the above comments. I preferred the old site also. I also get annoyed that on the new site the 'headlines' aren't exactly... For example that Penfolds article in the callout has been listed 3rd since the new site launched. Maybe that's a paid article/advert and that's t...

  • I think you will get charged as soon as you connect (regardless of whether that's data or mobile connection) but happy to be corrected ...

  • No issues using overseas. But agree to watch out for the AEST and stingy data limit! If you go over you get charged an extra $10 for 500mb (which you have 30 days to use)

  • What airline or travel website would let the OP partially pay using a VISA gift card? In my experience it's all or nothing, which is one advantage of the gift card (it can be used as partial payment).

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