• So Hutch, you obviously know more. Let us in on the information. Qantas will never successfully compete with SQ with this choice of aircraft. Some of us taller persons simply do not fit

  • desafinado74  How can you be so sure SQ does not get government help? Who supports them to encourage stopovers no matter where your final destination is.

  • Would these slots be from the  Perth flights that were stopped? I think they were three times a week.

  • Hey GgFlyer , give us a break. Not all Perth people are whingers. I think you would find it is a very small minority who seem to like to be heard. Personally, I think we are pretty well serviced

  • Some persons, such as myself, would look at something like this as a once in a life time opportunity. In January, my wife and I are flying from Rome to Perth,  first class, A380 all the way, at a COST of 144000 and $500.00 each. I consider this fantasic value and it will be a most likely the...

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