• There was an Air Canada BNE-YVR flight ... assuming it resumes that'll provide some competition to Qantas.

  • Isn't there a vaccination for HPV? Last time I checked the human papillomaVIRUS is a virus.

  • Surely they'd let you leave if you're relocating to another country. I know first hand people that are citizens that have left Australia recently to take up residency in other countries.

  • Maybe they should introduce a tax deduction for quarantine ... wouldn't be ideal as you'd have to wait 12 months to get the money back, but could be a solution to make sure you take up residency back in Australia and aren't just a tourist. I do feel bad for those in your position, and really s...

  • There are flights from Canada to Australia via Hong Kong or South Korea (or at least you could two weeks ago). Both quite low risk countries. If you haven't returned by now, it's likley because you're permanently living overseas -- you can then hopefully afford the 14-day quarantine if you're rel...

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