velocity status points on air canada

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I have rarely flown star alliance recently but have at least two trips coming up this year which are likely to be premium economy to the east coast of the US/Canada. It looks like Air Canada will be the best option for both of those. I was told I can get Velocity status credits on Air Canada - Is that correct? Assuming I can, is that my best option? Or would I benefit more from joining Air Canada's FF program? Thanks.

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Similar questions have been asked by other readers in the past, so you may find some useful information there:


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It's possible to earn Virgin points and Status credits but only on flights booked with a VA codeshare flight number.

At the moment the VA codeshare flights are limited to flights between Los Angeles (LAX) to Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. Another limitation is that they can only be booked with a connecting Virgin Australia flight between Australia and LAX.


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Keep in mind you will have to clear both Canadian and USA immigration/customs if you route through Canada. Unless you are Canadian or American it will also require getting a Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization.


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hi all,

we are booked to fly return with Virgin business class from brisbane to Vancouver , which has a connecting flight from LAX to VANCOUVER with Air Canada. does anyone know which airline lounge we get to use when in LAX and Vancouver?


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