• Doesn't everyone do that?...well, not all five options, but certainly the fruit, the muesli and something else is the way I go.Usually get everything I put on the card.

  • Air Canada already does this.When they fly their wide bodies domestically Premium Economy is now sold as such. They used to sell it as Economy, but made the switch last year.Interesting, Qantas do this on the MEL-PER legs of QF9/10, however only as part of an international itinerary.I'd be surpri...

  • So Delta is doing a slightly plussed version of what Jetblue already do on their transcon flights, around 2 years later and only on long hauls? It looks nice, but they're still playing catch-up.

  • Virgin Australia's new Perth lounge

    Nov 14, 2015, 01:30 AM

    The naughties called; they want their tub chairs back.

  • At least the launch sale prices are competitive - $1499 return in J is worth it IMO.

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  • As a Platinum I've been successful in requesting Business seats on QF9 - be flexible and only request on flights with lots of cheap Business tickets for sale.Note that availability is different from MEL and PER, so sometimes you can get an award from MEL, but not from PER on the same flight.

  • I've done this also.The chauffeur will wait up to an hour after they had planned to depart with you (~30 minutes after the plane lands), so I spent that hour freshening up at the arrivals lounge and traffic was still fine at that time.Since I also had a long connection I diverted the chauffeur to...

  • If there is award availability for your domestic flights you will get upgraded immediately using that inventory, regardless of your status.If there is no award availability you will be waitlisted and will find out around 24 hours prior to departure, with your request being processed based on stat...

  • Platinums get arrivals access:"Access Domestic Business Lounges or the Qantas Club upon arrival if you have travelled that day on any flight that shows a Qantas, Jetstar Airline or a oneworld® flight number on your ticket. You may also bring two guests, who do not need to be travelling."

  • When I booked GK only had their skeleton schedule published so there were no decent connections and I was offered JL through the QF website.I see now that the full GK winter schedule is published those connections are on offer. I guess the plus is that GK flies in and out of NRT, whereas JL requi...

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