Thai Airways resumes daily Perth-Bangkok flights

The Star Alliance airline is soaring back to Perth in March.

By Staff Writers, January 9 2024
Thai Airways resumes daily Perth-Bangkok flights

Thai Airways will resume daily flights between Perth and Bangkok from March 31, with a modern Boeing 787 Dreamliner carrying travellers on the seven hour journey.

This will be the only direct flight on the Bangkok-Perth route, with all other airlines – such as Singapore Airlines, Scoot, Malindo Air, Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia – requiring a stopover at their respective hubs.

The Dreamliner is fitted with 22 flatbed seats in Thai’s Royal Silk business class, although these are laid out in a dated 2-2-2 configuration rather than a 1-2-1 plan which provides the greatest degree of privacy along with direct aisle access for every passenger; behind the business class cabin are 234 economy seats.

  • Thai Airways flight TG481 departs Bangkok at 7.20am to reach Perth at 3.05pm
  • Thai Airways flight TG482 is wheels-up from Perth at 4.20pm, arriving into Bangkok at 10.20pm

Prior to the departure of Thai’s Perth-Bangkok flight, business class passengers plus those holding Star Alliance Gold status (including Thai Royal Orchid Plus Gold) will have access to the Air New Zealand or Singapore Airlines lounges, depending on the flight schedule.

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The WA capital is certainly enjoying a post-pandemic trabel rebound, with South African Airways restarting flights to Johannesburg from April 28 and Qantas launching Sydney-Perth-Paris flights in July 2024.

Meanwhile, Singapore Airlines has taken over the former Qantas lounge at Perth Airport’s T1 international terminal to open an all-new SilverKris Lounge promising more space, improved dining and generally upscale facilities for loungeworthy passengers on SQ and its sibling Star Alliance airlines.

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31 May 2013

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Be interesting to see how this goes with Jetstar starting flights PER-Bangkok next year also.

10 May 2020

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"wheels-up"... you do realise that the departure time is push-back time, right?

24 Oct 2010

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Hi dkd – indeed we do realise that push-back time is officially the mark of departure time, but I hope that in return you'll realise and appreciate that Executive Traveller is not an aviation blog, and that we write for a very large and more mainstream audience and so we choose and use language to suit.

That language can be more dynamic, appealing and engaging, as well as skirting some industry terminology (hence why we apply 'direct' and 'non-stop' equally when they are technically albeit confusingly different) and avoiding other terms entirely (hence why you rarely see IATA airport or airline abbreviations along with some other abbreviations common in hardcore frequent flyer circles).

And it's in that same vein that we use 'wheels-up' rather than 'push-back': it's a bit less avgeek, a bit more obvious and a bit more engaging for the 'average' reader.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

24 Jan 2018

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Sssmokin' !!    Keepin' it simple for me, thank-you Ed.  :-)

Cathay Pacific - The Marco Polo Club

19 Apr 2014

Total posts 47

In a recent press release TG also mentioned the possibility of double daily to that still on the cards?

Would be nice to have another SEA operator to fly 1 stop to europe.

09 Jun 2017

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Great news for Perth and Thai. I just wish Virgin would join Star Alliance to make it more attractive.

David, please continue to use "wheels up" as it adds a touch of flair to your articles. 

Whatever the official time of departure is to some of the readers here, many could argue in several directions. Pushback in my experience, NEVER guarantees an on time departure. On a windy day in Melbourne with 1 runway in operation, a flight can spend sometimes an hour in taxi with multiple landings and take offs backing up. It's also interesting that Flightradar24 doesn't add flight information such as arrival time until "wheels up" has been achieved.

19 Jun 2012

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While this will be the only direct Perth-Bangkok service at launch, it's probably worth mentioning that Jetstar will also operate the route from September.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

09 May 2013

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For people who are much more aviation smarter than i'm, would BNE be lower than PER when it comes to economics of filling up an aircraft? Both TG and MH have stopped flying into BNE, but it looks like PER is getting a lot of love recently.

Brisbane might have a larger population in itself plus the additional draw from areas like the Gold Coast and even Cairns, but it also comes down to how much money or 'wealth' is floating around, and Perth could have the edge there, as well as where the airline's 'home country' audience are, and Perth could also have a higher percentage of Thais and Malaysians, plus you can also have state governments spending money to bring airlines in by subsiding their flights and costs through 'investment funds' and tourism promotion, so if Perth & WA are offering more money than Brisbane & QLD that would also tilt the scales in their favour.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

04 Nov 2017

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Also traditionally TG and MH have struggled in BNE when compared with the SQ juggernaut in the Queensland market.  

AirAsiaX Thailand had a brief BNE-DMK route which struggled to work despite the Tourism funding/incentives whilst at the same time TG drew back BNE to 4x weekly pre-COVID.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

24 Feb 2015

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With Thailand crying out for tourists, TG has hardly been supportive with the very limited service down under to Australia and NZ.  BNE and AKL need to be added and frequencies to SYD and MEL increased.

03 May 2021

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Considering Thai nearly went bankrupt during COVID. They are going to want to be cautious. And it wouldn’t be smart of them to open up unprofitable routes.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

14 Oct 2012

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Thai is filling that gap left by the decision by Qantas to exit direct routes into BKK.  And Jetstar isnt a like for like comparison.   

09 Jun 2021

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What chance of TG going DIRECT Perth - Phuket in the future, That was a great flight and always 90% plus full every flight. I stopped using TG going Per - Bangkok as to long 11hr campared to Per - Sing - Phu at 9hr with sing air. 

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