• I think the Skybed 11 on the A380 is maybe a better bed, however the the new business suite is far better for storage and practicality when in the seated position.

  • 14K is my favorite on the 747. As you have noted, it is the exit row upstairs and I think it better than most seats down stairs. 14 A is also pretty good but the seat is further foward in relation to the window so a bit more difficult to see out if you are after the view.

  • This is certainly a big improvement over what it was like last weekend. The "temporary" lounge was a very sad space to spend time, especially when you get an extra hour in there due to your flight being cancelled.

  • At first glance this looks like it would be okay if you had the front row in PE, but looking closer at the seat map it appears there are bassinets on both outboard pairs. I don't know how they are going to manage the IFE screens, cubbyhole and footrest if this is the case. Perhaps back to in-arm ...

  • Qantas confirms A380 mid-life refresh

    Feb 03, 2017, 10:43 AM

    Would this update mean less J seats due to a 1,2,1 arrangement, or would they rejig the PE and upper deck Y numbers to accommodate ??

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  • It seems like a bakward step to take out the AVOD on the A332 and replace it an Ipad.I guess this is another economy "enhancement"

  • I qualified for this a couple of years ago and as moa99 noted all you get is letter. I assume that they will send out the new LTG card if your status drops below Platinum.I have not seen any advantages or recognition in having LTG. I think this will only of any benfit once I stop f...

  • I find the least frustrating way to get award seats is to ring the FF service desk. It will cost you extra for the "assistance fee" but at least you you can get an idea of what seats are really available and you will save a heap of time over trying to use the web site.

  • Undertheradar, it has never been my intention to make lite of DVT. I do have some  experience with DVT. Last year I had a very close friend devlop a clot in her leg following a very cramped Virgin International flight from London to Sydney. I saw her the day after she arrived ...

  • From memory the IFE boxes alternated between the J/K seats in each row. I think that there will boxes in every row, it just depends if it is on the window or the aisle side.During the flight I moved to 25G and this seat did not have a box and I was able to stretch out and get some sleep.

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