• Dedicated Special Service Team for P1. Upgrades awarded from 7 days out for International. Ability to gift Platinum to a family member or friend. Ability to request Award Seats to be opened up (greater access to manual intervention than other levels). Invites to events   The only speci...

  • Actually no, it’s nothing like Velocity Platinum. I’ll allow you a free pass for the Priority Boarding as that’s a clear failure by QF most times.

  • Getting a blocked seat beside you in Y is also a pretty decent unpublished benefit that I have had numerous times

  • You won’t have any trouble accessing DXB F lounge as QF Platinum

  • Anyone traveling on a JQ domestic leg from the International terminal should not have access to the First Lounge. On that I’m in agreement with the writer. I also see the benefit of partitioning off a section of the lounge exclusively for First Class Passengers. I do not want to see the en...

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