Any stats on QF gold, plat, P1 frequent flyers?

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Hi all

Everytime I am in MEL domestic QF club as QF gold at peak times and it is completely packed I wonder how many QF gold members exist? 

Also just out of curiosity I wonder how many P1s exist as it’s quite hard to reach, requiring a LOT of flying (on QF metal, unless exclusively In F). 

Has QF ever officially revealed the numbers/ stats on their premium FFs? 



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There are quite a lot of people with access to the QANTAS Club. Gold frequent flyers (and OneWorld/other partner equivalents), LifeTime Gold Frequent Flyers, those with one off invitations etc. You can have higher status and still use the QANTAS Club if you wish.

It’s pretty easy for the once a year paid Business flyer to London or New York to maintain Gold status and those who fly Domestic very regularly (return economy trip every week or two) could make it too.

I don’t think QANTAS publishes numbers on how many make different tiers.

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To my knowledge the figures have never been officially confirmed by QF. From a couple of sources I have heard that there are around 3-3.5K P1 members.


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I would have imagined the numbers swelled dramatically during the mining boom, I know some who went from near nothing to lifetime gold whilst working remote, add these to the regular frequent flyer passengers and Qclub members and it will only get busier.


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3-3.5K P1, wow, I would have never guessed that there were that many.


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Thanks a lot for your comments. Interesting!

Knowing that there are ~3k P1s, I guess a reasonable estimate would be that there would be an order of magnitude more Ps (~30k... or in the 10ks) and probably another order of magnitude Golds (~300k...or in the 100ks) - what do you think?

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According to a QF FA I spoke with there is at least one P1 on almost every flight she works, which even given the level of flying to get to P1 would mean that it isn't as rare as you'd think.

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