• There is always Happy hour at Clarke Quay :-)

  • How airlines use your personal data

    Nov 20, 2017, 04:15 PM

    takes the DYKWIA flyer head on, hahaha

  • agreed.  Westjet also has a Co-op with Qantas with QF code-shares but WJ are not oneworld, so no lounge access in Canada from the terminals that WJ operate from.   Aeroplan miles are not so beneficial in redemptions, but in the second stage of this tie-up, using velocity points to ...

  • you can also buy maple leaf lounge access if the second half of the tie-up is delayed:https://www.airclublounge.com/AC/en/memberships/canada.aspx

  • sometimes there is an interesting variety of hot dishes available in the afternoons apart from the standard soup and bread, last week we had chicken wings and chick pea curry with rice...

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