The best Qantas Platinum One perks for domestic economy class flyers

Platinum One frequent flyers don’t always travel at the ‘pointy end’ of the plane, but they still come out ahead in economy.

By Staff Writers, December 10 2021
The best Qantas Platinum One perks for domestic economy class flyers

Qantas Platinum One status is the highest rung on the Qantas Frequent Flyer ladder – bested only by the invitation-only Chairman’s Lounge tier – and for travellers who mainly fly domestically, getting there can be a particularly hard slog.

On popular routes like Sydney-Melbourne, you’d only reach this lofty level after taking 360 one-way Red e-Deal economy flights in a single membership year: that’s nearly a flight every single day for an entire year, when travelling on the most affordable fares.

While there are faster paths to Platinum One, including by booking flexible fares, business class travel, taking longer overseas flights or maximising Qantas double status credits deals, for members who mainly fly domestically in economy, here are some of the benefits beyond those afforded to regular Platinum members.


1. Complimentary ‘extra legroom’ seating

One of the biggest differences between holding Qantas Platinum and Platinum One status for domestic road warriors is that Platinum One members enjoy complimentary access to extra legroom seating on all flights, where available, from the time a booking is made.

This includes the prized row 4 on Boeing 737 and two-class Boeing 717 flights at the front of economy, the emergency exit rows on the same aircraft, and similar bulkhead and exit row seats on domestic A330 services, too.

Other passengers travelling with a Platinum One member enjoy this perk as well when booked on the same reservation, and seats can be selected via the Qantas website.

Just make sure the Platinum One member’s frequent flyer number has been attached to the booking before selecting seats, so that all available seating options are unlocked and that the usual ‘extra legroom’ seat selection fees are waived.

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2. Expanded lounge access with up to five guests

While Qantas Platinum and Platinum One members both receive access to domestic Qantas Clubs and Business Lounges with up to two guests in tow, Platinum One members have the power to nominate one other person for complimentary Qantas Platinum membership, too.

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That could be a partner, friend, or somebody they travel with regularly – and when flying together, this provides lounge access for the Platinum One member plus up to five other people.

It works like this: the Platinum One member can bring in two guests as usual, then there’s the traveller with the gifted Qantas Platinum status who can access lounges on their own accord, and beyond that, two additional guests as allowed in with the Platinum cardholder.

All up, by nature of your Platinum One status, choosing your ‘Platinum pick’ wisely could get you into the lounge with up to five other people – handy when travelling with a large family or a group of colleagues – and that’s not even counting children that can come in, too!

3. Free flight changes on the day of departure

When travelling on domestic Flex fares, Platinum One members can ask at the airport to be moved to an earlier flight on the same route at no extra cost.

Any fare difference owing between the flight booked and the flight taken will also be waived as a guaranteed benefit, so although Flex fares do permit same-day changes for all travellers, this ensures no extra costs are incurred for doing so, if the new flight being taken is more expensive.

Complimentary flight changes on other fare types such as Red e-Deals aren’t guaranteed, but it never hurts to ask what’s possible, or if Qantas is “flow forwarding” – that is, proactively moving passengers to earlier flights – which can also benefit Platinum and Gold members.

4. Flight upgrades using points take the highest priority

On all Australian domestic flights, passengers using their Qantas Points for a business class upgrade may be able to lock-in their new seat from the time a booking is made: but where an upgrade isn’t available, it can be ‘waitlisted’ instead.

This means the upgrade request is placed on file for future consideration, and may be granted closer to departure day: similar to how Qantas handles all international flight upgrades.

When upgrades are waitlisted, requests from Platinum One members take priority over Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze frequent flyers – so if an upgrade does become available on the flight, Platinum One members have the highest chances of securing it.

Additionally, upgrade requests made by Platinum One cardholders for eligible family members travelling independently or on separate bookings will also be processed with ‘Platinum One priority’, rather than the status of the person travelling, to boost the chances of these upgrades clearing, too.

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5. Improved telephone assistance with fee waivers

Flight reservations made over the phone with Qantas normally attract an assistance fee of up to $70 per booking in addition to the regular fare, fees and charges you’d pay for booking the same ticket online: but for Qantas Platinum One members, those telephone assistance fees are always waived.

The same is true when calling Qantas to make flight bookings using Qantas Points. While these fees are generally waived for all members making partner airline bookings that aren’t available online, for Platinum One members, this fee is waived on all itineraries.

While it can be faster to make a simple booking online, this fee waiver is particularly handy when planning more complex trips such as ‘Oneworld Rewards’, which can be used to take round-the-world flights on points.


11 Jul 2014

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I’ve found 1800 Virgin Status Credits is a better option with 8 upgrades into business and similar perks

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

20 Nov 2017

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So about the same as Velocity Platinum, except (as noted above) upgrades to Business and priority boarding that actually works.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

20 Dec 2012

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Actually no, it’s nothing like Velocity Platinum. I’ll allow you a free pass for the Priority Boarding as that’s a clear failure by QF most times.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

20 Dec 2012

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Getting a blocked seat beside you in Y is also a pretty decent unpublished benefit that I have had numerous times


11 Jul 2014

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I don’t bet on horses but I’ll take a bet Virgin has a P1 coming soon, maybe even Life Time Gold as well.

I still find it interesting there is no advantage with QF Lifetime gold over gold, in terms of priority upgrades etc

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