Qantas unlocks Platinum One's 'partner Platinum' status perk

By David Flynn, October 11 2018
Qantas unlocks Platinum One's 'partner Platinum' status perk

IN BRIEF | Qantas has just made one of the best perks of Platinum One membership far more appealing and far more useful to high flyers.

Platinum One frequent flyers – those who clock up a whopping 3,600 status credits in a single membership year – have previously been offered a free Qantas Platinum card for their partner or significant other, so they can enjoy all those Platinum-plated perks even when they're travelling solo.

The caveat, of course, was that they had to be living at the same address as their Platinum One benefactor.

However, in a burst of sensible generosity, Qantas now allows any Qantas frequent flyer member to be given the gift of Platinum.

"You can now nominate a family member or friend from any address for complimentary Platinum membership," the airline says. 

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Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

04 Oct 2016

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Coming soon to an eBay auction near you!


24 Feb 2017

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I know of one instance of a colleague a year or so back obtaining Platinum One and gifting the free Platinum to a colleague - didn't live together but said they did which worked.

Given they were both married males they were "jestfully" taken to task by other colleagues.

I understand Qantas were quizzical on the circumstance but they stuck to their guns and went hard in return on the doubt posed.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

01 Jun 2017

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Married "males" - interesting that needs to be pointed out.

05 May 2016

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This could make going for P1 sometime worth it for me.

15 Mar 2018

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Getting your partner to P is easier than getting P1, so for many people, just travelling with their partner might be more desirable.

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