• Virgin shareholder, Hainan Airlines.

  • The Australian traveller’s choice is to buy the item in Australia under the TRS, or to buy it duty-free overseas. The Australian government prefers the sale to be occur in Australia, creating retail Australian jobs, and generating profits and wages they can tax.

  • And how many billions would the high speed rail cost to build? How much would the taxpayers have to pump in each year to keep the service running? If we don't want to build a second airport in Sydney, or least delay it for another 10 years, just lift the curfew on the existing airport.

  • The other potential use of Canberra would be by airlines that are currently capped under the Air Services Agreement, particularly those that operate hubs that work well with early morning arrivals which they can't achieve exSydney because of the curfew. For example, if Cathay had upguaged all fl...

  • Nov 26, 2015, 03:01 PM

    I understood WLG could handle A330s, particularly if it only needs enough fuel to hop across the Tasman. Whether an A330 on the route is viable is another question. More a route for a Virgin Embraer I would have thought.

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