Emirates announces Dubai-Auckland flights

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Emirates announces direct flights from DXB to AKL:

Dubai, UAE - 28 January 2016: Emirates today announced that it will start its first non-stop service from Dubai to Auckland on 1 March 2016, bringing many of its 38 European destinations and cities within just one-stop range of New Zealand through direct connections in Dubai.

The new service will be in addition to the award-winning airline’s existing flights, meaning that Emirates will then have five services daily into New Zealand – three A380 double-decker services to Auckland via Australia, a daily Christchurch service with a Boeing 777-300ER, and the new non-stop service operated with a Boeing 777-200LR.

Source: http://www.emirates.com/au/english/about/media-centre/2963686/the-non-stop-service-to-auckland-will-be-operated-by-a-boeing-777-200lr-aircraft


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And according to Great Circle Mapper, this route would also be the longest in the world, surpassing Emirates' recently-announced Dubai-Panama route:

DXB-AKL - 14200.8km (8824 miles)
DXB-PTY - 13772.8km (8588 miles)
SYD-DFW - 13804km (8578 miles)


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Why is the km to SYD-DFW more than DXB-PTY and the miles more for DXB-PTY than SYD-DFW???????


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Late night, muddled my conversions. The distance in miles is correct. DXB-PTY: 13,821km, SYD-DFW: 13,805km


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Wonder what will be worth more to travellers from Auckland, direct to DXB but on 777 or A380 but via Australia

wilsoni Banned

wilsoni Banned

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777, if J. Getting off in Oz and going through security again before reboarding is a pain I can do without.  Couldn't manage the nonstop in Y though.


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I'd want the A380 via Australia, then a second chance to visit another Emirates lounge, (hopefully Melbourn'd new one) yummy. Also the on board bar, room  to move.


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One stop to Europe will be very attractive to non *A travellers. Australia adds 3+ hours to your trip to to Europe... Especially with a premium carrier like EK. There may also be the novelty factor of the longest sector in the world. 

Interesting that they will be using 777-200LR equipment and the new service has an estimated flight time of just under 16 hours from DXB to New Zealand and 17 hours, 15 minutes in the other direction. 

Eastbound - EK 448, depart DXB 10:05 and arrive in AKL 11:00+1 
Westbound - EK 449, depart AKL 21:30 and arrive DXB 05:45+1

EK must have faith in this route to potentially have an aircraft on the ground for 10+ hours... just curious if they have the rights to do a quick trans tasman return hoop to make it more efficient??


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According to CAPA there are no restrictions (as far as the Australian and New Zealand governments go) on fifth-freedom rights between the two countries.


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Of course EK is doing it just because QR is launching the route. LOL!


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Exactly what I thought.


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On what date does Qatar commence service to AKL? What are the departure times? What has Qatar actually announced?

Did Al Baker make his "announcement" (without real details) after learning that Emirates was about to announce commencement of AKL direct flights?


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Sounds somewhat faintly 'predatory' in respect of QR's previous announcement, especially considering the 'enhanced' start date for EK, doesn't it?

Will be interesting to see how / if / when the Australian Government will or wil not comment on this development? Especially given that the QF / EK alliance has specific caveats on their operating capability across the ditch.

17hrs on a B777-200? Remind me now ... how many across in Y, and are those J lie-flat or angled?


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3-4-3 in economy and angled lie-flat in business.


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Wow its attack of the ME3 in AKL at the moment.

I think a direct route to DXB would be more efficient. However, 17 hours on an angle-lie flat in 2-3-2? Hmm, I think I'll stick to the NZ/SQ co-op on European flights.

Now AKL just needs EY to comlete the trio...

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