• Perth Airport is running a main trial of the new pier on Saturday 7 November, the public can sign up to be apart of it at the Perth Airport website. Should be good!

  • This is what Qantas' A330 Fleet Development page says: "Domestic Business Class customers on A330 aircraft will also enjoy the same Panasonic eX3 system, while Economy customers will have an individual inflight entertainment experience through either seatback touchscreens or devices provided by ...

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  • Late night, muddled my conversions. The distance in miles is correct. DXB-PTY: 13,821km, SYD-DFW: 13,805km

  • And according to Great Circle Mapper, this route would also be the longest in the world, surpassing Emirates' recently-announced Dubai-Panama route:DXB-AKL - 14200.8km (8824 miles)DXB-PTY - 13772.8km (8588 miles)SYD-DFW - 13804km (8578 miles)

  • Emirates announces direct flights from DXB to AKL:Dubai, UAE - 28 January 2016: Emirates today announced that it will start its first non-stop service from Dubai to Auckland on 1 March 2016, bringing many of its 38 European destinations and cities within just one-stop range of New Zealand through...

  • Qantas launched their Joey Club last year, giving young FF members a 'passport' where they can write all the details of their flight, and Virgin have done a similar thing, so it's a bit of a keepsake for them. It might not be on the same level as Ansett or TAA, I'm too young to know.

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