• As much as would love that, I can not see that happening, nor would it make any sense. Perhaps PER to CDG or LAX would be the only ones that would have enough demand. LAX could connect with the hop to JFK but with Project Sunrise, I cant imagine that hop would be around for long.

  • Its because the Australia prongs input is upside down on international socket. This wouldn't be an issue for literally every other country's plugs. MH should've considered Aus though seeing as they fly here enough.

  • Couldn't they have just added another Gatwick flight?

  • Qatar Airbus A380 to fly Perth-Doha

    Dec 15, 2017, 05:48 PM

    I was excited until I read your comment but I think you may be right. The 787 and A350 were supposed to come to Perth and I'm pretty sure theres still articles on here referencing that.

  • The UK hasn't banned devices on flights from the UAE and Qatar.

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  • Originally Posted by timothyshears It's not a 737, it's an A332. No, QF77 is a 737, QF71 is the A332.

  • Was wondering whether anyone can provide any insight on whether it is worth attempting to use points to upgrade on QF77 PER - SIN on a 737 or would I be better off saving the points?

  • Child's age changing during Trip

    Nov 05, 2019, 06:34 PM

    From experience, in order to travel under a child ticket, a child needs to be under 12 at the time of travel. In your case, this would mean the return would have to be booked as an adult, while the departure may be booked as a child. Practically, in most cases, booking two one way tickets (even o...

  • Qantas Changi Transfer

    Apr 29, 2018, 03:58 PM

    Originally Posted by henrus If it's on one ticket then 1hr 15 minutes will be fine and baggage collection will not be necessary as Jetstar has the ability to through check luggage on one ticket and even issue QF boarding passes. If it's on one ticket and you miss the onward flight then they'll a...

  • Qantas Changi Transfer

    Apr 29, 2018, 12:59 PM

    Hi, I'm looking to fly from PER - KUL on Qantas + Jetstar via SIN and was wondering, on the way back (KUL - PER), is 1hr 15min sufficient time to transfer from Jetstar to Qantas? If not, how much time should I allow? Would I also need to collect luggage at SIN or would it be checked through?

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