Child's age changing during Trip

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I am not sure if this is generic or varies by airline. As we are planning on Flying QF, I thought i'd ask here. We are planning a big trip next Christmas and my daughter will turn 12 during the trip. Given 12 is when you pay adult fares, does this mean we pay adult for the whole trip, child for the whole trip or something in-between?



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I believe it's the age they are when the trip begins. We had the same thing with a 2yr old a few years ago & at the time the travel agent said as long as they were under 2 for departure it was fine - we didn't end up booking so not 100% sure if this is the case though...


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Based on departure date and time at ticket issuing country.


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From experience, in order to travel under a child ticket, a child needs to be under 12 at the time of travel. In your case, this would mean the return would have to be booked as an adult, while the departure may be booked as a child.

Practically, in most cases, booking two one way tickets (even one as a child and one as an adult) works out to cost more than booking a single adult return. Therefore, the best thing to do would be to book a single adult return ticket for your daughter. Again from experience, no one is going to stop a 11 year old traveling on an adult ticket. On the other hand, a 12 year old would be more likely to be prevented from traveling on a child ticket.

I would call Qantas to double check but long story short, I would book an adult ticket if you're looking to book a return flight.


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Qantas use “at the time of travel” to define a child's age, so if a child turns 12 during the itinerary then an adult fare would apply.

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