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  • Hi team,Does anyone know whether PressReader is still complimentary at The Lounge? Usually you get free titles when you are on the Virgin network, but now I am being directed to make an iTunes purchase. Another ‘enhancement' perhaps?Thanks.

  • Hi team?I am flying business class MEL-LAX in a couple of months on Virgin Australia and was wondering what lounges they will be using in MEL & LAX. Does anyone have any information on that?Thanks!

  • Hi obanpointer & 180mis,I'm actually flying in F and yes 180mis is right, I was referring to the new First (and J) found on the newer 777-300ER. Im on SQ218 and then SQ318.Thanks.

  • Hi guys,I am traveling MEL-LHR on Singapores 777-300ER next month and would like to know if there is a way to find out whether it will be the refreshed interiors.Any ideas would be appreciated!Thanks.

  • Singapore Airlines 777-300ER configuration

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